Valentine’s Pass – Just an excuse?

So I received this in my Dolly Mail Inbox and I’m sure everyone else has.

In this post I was going to discuss the greediness of Stardoll – using any excuse to grab our money. Yet I’ve only realised that in actual fact, it is the same deal as any ordinary 1 month Superstar Membership Code except you receive 31 days instead of 28 days and you also receive 5 free gifts.

Just when I topped up my membership a couple of days ago . . I may be tempted to buy more membership again. .




Sorry for the lack of posts and other bland topics, I am in the middle ofย choosing my subject choices for my 4th Year in High School. I need to be really careful about these things as these are the subjects that will get me into university/college as I sit my exams earlier than anyone else. Choosing my subject choices for 4th year when I haven’t even sat my exams yet for 3rd year – strange isn’t it? Hah, that’s just the way it works I guess.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! For all those who do not know – its the Year of the Rabbit. Other year’s of the Rabbit are 1999 or 1987. ^-^



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11 responses to “Valentine’s Pass – Just an excuse?

  1. Happy chinese new year Lel! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I actually think this is an AMAZING deal, as australians normally have to pay like $7 for a months membership and you only get like 100 stardollars. I’m going to buy this as soon as I can ๐Ÿ™‚

    xx. Rosie

  2. Uh damn, just checked my stardoll page. Didn’t get the letter despite the fact that I have bought another superstar card (2 upgrades is recurring right XD).

    Stupid stardoll :/


  3. palmtree973

    Thats greattt, but th eonly thing is, that i just payed 10 from my mums phone, cuz i cant pay off mine, idk why ๐Ÿ˜ฆ grrrrrrrr, i really want that top and the dress ๐Ÿ˜ฆ im gonna ask her again if she can do it for me!!!!

  4. Liz

    Valentines day is overrated lol.
    If it’s your fourth year of high school, does that make you in year 10 or 9? o_0

  5. Yes I got it, for the one dress and cheap money also I want that blue diamond and now Im like 3o something superstar days away from getting it… leave me alone I like the shiny.

  6. xlizziexlovex

    i think that if you are already a superstar on the 5th of febuary you get the gifts (the fine print at the top)

  7. @Rosie

    It doesn’t appear for you? So when you click the option to buy more Superstar membership it doesn’t appear?


    Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


    All these holidays are very commercial now, big brands and industries just use these as excuses to gain more money from the public. Such as Christmas and Halloween.
    I am in Third year right now which is equivalent to Grade 9 (I think). Fourth Year is equivalent to Grade 10. That’s just with age I think, not sure about the level because of different exam times for people around the globe.


    Hehe xD So I’m guessing we’ll be seeing you with the diamond soon.


    I thought that was just for people who have bought 3-12 months membership, for them the offer does not appear. I only buy monthly membership ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. @ lel at least one more superstar worth a month 3 at max, i only want it because its shiny like i said! ooooh ill become so stuck up and elite ish ill just have to leave tsradoll because im too good for it

  9. hey, i didnt get it, currently in Qatar, so i think its only for certain countries. if i change what country i am in to UK or something, it comes up……. i miss the uk:( u get tonnes more stuff on stardoll:P teehee

  10. @Lel:

    It’s strange. It works now, but if I logout then log back in, it won’t. Strange?

    I’m going to get it tomorrow, despite the fact that I already bought a 3 month superstar card already. If you add like 1 month membership and then a 3 month membership at the same time, it will give you 4 months right? I mean like it won’t take away the first month.

    Wow, that just game me a headache (maybe that, I don’t know, it’s 42 degrees here today (which is a LOT).


  11. hay

    do eney pepel know a val pass cus i want to be a superstar but i am not allowed so pay so not verey cool

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