New Sunny Bunny Kloz Store

It’s so kawaii! ^-^

I love this floor, a lot more than the previous one. The ruffles, bows, stockings and candy colours – it’s an explosion of cuteness. The Teddy Bear just tops it all off. Not a big fan of the shoes, I wouldn’t see them going with many outfits unless you are using themes of red/and the colour of you shoes – and I’m not too sure on the slipper boots either.

Favourite items have to be the Black pearly Tulle Skirt and Ruffled Shorts.

Sadly the majority of these items are for Superstars although Stardoll have included a few items that are available for Non-Superstars to purchase.




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One response to “New Sunny Bunny Kloz Store

  1. Chargergirlsky

    i adore the bear ❤

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