Disney Taking Over Stardoll [DisneyDoll]. Still False.

So now people have found this article and are now seriously declaring that Disney taking over Stardoll as they have found “proof”.

Now I spoke about this online article a while ago now, to be exact December 12th 2010.


Seemingly enough, people have been focussing on one particular passage on the online article.

Now since did words such as Possible, Rumoured or Speculated posses the meaning of Definite? Let us consult with our dearest friend – Oxford English Dictionary.

Possible – that may exist or happen, but that is not certain or probable

Rumoured – be circulated as an unverified account

Speculated- form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence

Now in every club I visit there is a Disney topic with comments such as

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I DON’T WANT A PINK PRINCESS DRESS UP SITE. NOW WAY. IM LEAVING RITE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and other heavily dramatic comments.

I just think people are taking this situation way too far here. Calm down. Use some common sense. We are basing this whole scandal on one – fake – snapshot and a small passage from an online article that include words such as Possible, If and Speculated.

Do you ever wonder that some other person read that article, created that fake snapshot and posted it around to everyone just for laughs?

Just before you threaten to leave Stardoll or join a protest or sign a petition, think about it hard. Is this all the evidence we have? A snapshot and a paragraph from an article? People are dressing this up too much. There is no conformation about this movement whatsoever from Stardoll.

Also for those who think Disney will ruin Stardoll with Princess themes – that letter was so informal it couldn’t have been official – in addition, Disney owns Club Penguin. Are they a Princess, Pink, Fluffy, Candy-coloured site? No. There is more to Disney as a company that Princess and Castles. They operate the ABC broadcast television network for goodness sake.

Rumours are now spreading around that it was a joke between two clubs.

I hope everyone gets a grip of themselves before they start screaming down the four walls over this hoax and spreading this ridiculous rumour around. Striking fear into others over something as stupid as this.





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8 responses to “Disney Taking Over Stardoll [DisneyDoll]. Still False.

  1. ericka

    The funniest thing is that Disney can create another site and do that theme of Princess. They got many other sites as Pirates of the Caribbean, Fairies, and others. If they would be interested in Stardoll, they would leave it the way it is. Also, they can’t be interested just for the members, because they can do any TV advertisement and get as many people as they want; just as all their sites.

  2. Lol I just found out about this. If Disney wants to buy Stardoll, it would be all over the news. Disney is known worldwide and Stardoll is very popular. Even if it’s true, Disney and Stardoll would’ve made a proper official statement.


  4. Well i think we should give it a try because maybe it is better.

    Anyway if it isnt better than stardoll then just ask disney to give it back to stardoll and then its all back to normal!

  5. Thank you Disney for not buying Stardoll. You made Club Penguin crappy but you won’t do it to Stardoll

  6. Disney was and never will be buying Stardoll. It was just an juvenile rumour created for a cheap laugh that got out of hand due to the naivety of impressionable members and clubs causing a ridiculous outburst of petitions and other do-das.

  7. @Lelly if you were talking to me. I just like to look at old posts I didn’t believe it literally.

  8. Usually people who comment on old posts don’t look at the dates and think it’s something up to date. I couldn’t really grasp that by the context of your comment.

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