Over 200,000 Views

Snapshot from the Torch.

Wow I really don’t know what to say.

I never thought I would be able to say this in a million years. Who’d of thought that after two years I’d still be Stardoll blogging? Certainly not me.

Thank you everyone for all your kind support you have shown me over the years – it’s astonishing.

I have to type this on my Blackberry due to the fact that I’ve disconnected my wireless modem and such so I’m not tempted to go on Stardoll whilst I am finishing my Macbeth essay.

I was hoping to do something to celebrate this, maybe another raffle although only with Stardollars or gifts – I can’t give out another code this time round. We’ll see πŸ˜‰ Once my Macbeth essay is done then that is me free from the long homework tasks and essay writing! For now.

I might spring my Wacom tablet alive and create a new header although there is still a Youtube video to edit.




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8 responses to “Over 200,000 Views

  1. @PopcornDaisy

    Thank you :3

    I forgot to mention in the post about my mock exams in early March -.-
    Just when I thought I was free from all this homework I just remembered.

  2. CocoPie111

    Congrats πŸ™‚

  3. Liz

    Congrats πŸ˜€ I saw this coming the other day xD.
    My tablet is getting quite worn, I use it as a mouse everytime I go on the computer which is quite a bit lol. Yours is probably as good as new xD

  4. Sabrina

    Congrats! Your really good at writing you deserve it!

  5. Laurenhorse


    When I started reading your blog I was like ‘this girl is amazing’

    and now look were you are πŸ˜€
    Congratulations (Most of them views are by me πŸ˜‰

  6. MissRenata666

    Heey Congrats xxx β™₯ I got a torch as well hehehe xx

  7. Laurenhorse

    I made a song for you!

    Congratulations alot.
    I really foregot,
    You we’re so close,
    And at least you dont Boast,

    Your the best writer in the ever,
    You are so clever

    Lelly you are the best,
    im on the computure
    While our TV’s undertest.

    You get most views by me.
    clever clever.
    You have the brain of a seventeen.

    Your so cool clever and gifted,

    you make us all swifted.

    Come on by May,
    You will get 1ooo a day,
    Updating everyday is what you do,
    look at all them members its over two-
    -hundred thousandddddd…..

    Congrats Lellllyyyy……..
    I now have a funny feeling in my tummmmmy…….

    Love from Laurenhorse

    (I made this 1oo% by me I know its rubbish but i tried my best and congrats Lelly )

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