Stardoll February Hotbuys 2011

To visit the page on Stardoll click on this link:

I love the Handbag and Shoes. When I seen the handbag in the spoilers I assumed a new Limited Edition collection would be released soon (LE collection are released every three months, it was released last November so it is due this month or early in March). At first I thought the Belt was a part of the Vest although it turns out they are 2 separate items. Not too keen on the Fluffy earrings, they remind me of the Whip My Hair Purple extensions. Also I wouldn’t consider buying the Jacket, Dress or Sweater – I know Stardoll are probably going to over-price those items and they’re not something I would wear.

Here is a calendar of February marking the dates of when each item will be released.

I would say I prefer this month’s compared to January’s – just simply because I love the bag and shoes.






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14 responses to “Stardoll February Hotbuys 2011

  1. palmtree973

    wow, love them all, especially that i want more top!!!

  2. lizluz

    I don’t mind these hotbuys. I find them to be a little bland, I don’t really know why….
    Although I do like the handbag and shoes and I like the vest more now considering that the belt isn’t actually attached to it xD.
    I think the “I Want More” top sounds a tad dirty though o.O

  3. Look at Larsa_Gurl ‘s page:

    Want to win an SS code? Report Essrox! Shes bagging on me about how I am 11. Even an 11 year old like me wouldn’t copy graphics like she does. So, report her, and then write in my GB when you did. If she is deleted I will have a raffle for an SS code (:



  4. ericka

    I agree with you, those items are cuter. I completely love the handbag, vest, and shoes; those items look really stylish. And most of the items could really function with the right clothes and accesories.

  5. I dont like them, Stardoll has once again failed

  6. palmtree973

    @lizluz – You made me realize that it does sound kinda dirty -.-”
    But the bag is amazing, i cant wait to buy it, an dthe shoes are preety good.
    I think that that vest goes better with the belt 😀

  7. @EssRox

    Gosh that is really shocking 0.0
    I never knew this was going on, I had no idea it was such a massive dispute that someone would raffle a code to get another person’s account deleted.
    I hope everything is sorted out, mishaps and misunderstandings occur all the time on here and people can become really aggressive and insensitive especially online.

  8. Just saying, but Essrox’s graphics look nothing like the ones she “supposedly” copied, just they sort of have the same poses, but they’re way different.


  9. Princesspea105

    These are 10x better than last month’s.

  10. Jillll

    The hotbuys this month are a little…’not interesting’. I mean, I like them, especially the black shoes but I think the ‘Stardoll People’ are making us pay WAY too much for just these pieces of clothing, that arent that great. ☺

  11. Sara

    This month’s Hotbuys werejust Ugly and Overpriced… shame what Stardoll has come too…

  12. Ellie

    Looks like stardoll think hotbuys mean some need to be ugly i dont like the ‘i want more’ tee i dont think its that fashionble not my cup of tea.But the handbag is nice the shoes are very nice.
    posted 25.02.2011
    tomorrows my birthday tomorrow!!!!


  13. Jilll >.

    I love the shoes and bag but the others…not my style. I mean that’s just my opinion but I think the ‘Stardoll People’ keep asking us to pay WAY too much for ‘unattractive’ clothing. Again…that’s just my opinion. ^.^

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Jilll >.<

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