Tangled UK Campaign and Stardoll Store

The store in Starplaza is only available to view for United Kingdom members, if you are not from the UK you can easily use a Manual Proxy. To receive all the Tangled store items in your Starplaza Dresser click here.

All the items are for Non-Superstars except from the Purple dress. What confuses me is that you can receive the dress for free by just playing the campaign game on Facebook if you are from the UK (If not, use a Manual Proxy – guides on other Stardoll Blogs).

UPDATE: Thank you to Anne in the comment sections. I’ve just realised my mistake – there are two different dresses it is not the same free dress.

Just to receive the free dress I quickly made a Facebook account and played the Hair game – I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game since Disney movies were a big part of my childhood. Quickly deactivated my account after I received the dress – reason being is everyone I know in real life is addicted to Facebook and always ask to take profile photos and what not. It bothers me as I’d rather spend my time doing something creative rather than pouting in a camera and making poses.





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17 responses to “Tangled UK Campaign and Stardoll Store

  1. actually facebook only get you the pink dress from the tangled concept art, see here: http://blog.lindsaypearce.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Rapunzel-Disney.jpg
    and the other one is from the movie and SS
    hope this helped you in some way, love your blog kthxbai.

  2. ericka

    Thank you.(:

  3. Anonymous

    Omg tell me how u get that for stardoll

  4. glossystargirl5


  5. If you mean the store- I can view it because I am from the UK. Other countries cannot view the store unless they use a Manual Proxy.

    If you mean the game- I took a screenshot on Facebook where the game is played. I’m sure it’s also for UK only too.

  6. glossystargirl5


  7. glossystargirl5

    Whoa! i got the wig dress and cape in stardoll yay!

  8. the movie came out on the 6th of janaury (coincidence?) here


  9. cris

    hey…if i’m not from uk how can i buy some of that hair styles? i love them but i cant see the store:(((((

  10. Use the link provided when it says “click here”

  11. cris

    thx a lot !!!!! i really love your blog it’s really cool:X:X:X:X:X:thx!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Nah i have them all

  13. glossystargirl5

    yay i got them all!

  14. Anonymous

    wow fantastic hair thanks !!!!

  15. ines la plus belle