Excuse Me? Oh deary me . .

Has anyone seen today’s Stardoll Poll?

. . .

I’m just speechless.






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13 responses to “Excuse Me? Oh deary me . .

  1. beej x - Hippy_Chique98

    I was Shocked as well ….. Very Suprisedd …

  2. Niki__x

    This is messed up. What about the little kids?! I remember when I was about 8 and I saw kissing on tv and I would think ewwwww to sick to watch. Stardoll is making it too much about teens. When I was 9 I went on stardoll, they are there!

  3. palmtree973

    No comment!

  4. Liz

    It’s more arkward when they start going further and your still watching with your parents.
    I love how you have the “Always” option selected xD

  5. Chargergirlsky

    Seriously? I thought this was a kid friendly website? I don’t know what they were thinking

  6. My 8-year-old sister was with me when I log on to Stardoll. She saw the poll and said to my mom that I was on a “perverted website'(her words, not mine). Stardoll is starting to be more of a ‘teen site’. Someone need to remind them that there’s young girls on this sites and I don’t think their parents want them to log on to Stardoll and answer these kind of polls. That’s my opinion.

  7. Renee B

    Oh. My. GOD! Kid-friendly my ass! What does this have to do with Stardoll? Shouldn’t it be ‘What do you think of the new Pretty in Pink line? a. Love it! b. It’s okay. c. Hate it.’? Ugh, Stardoll is changing.

  8. Sara J

    Sorry for the caps, but still. What the heck is wrong with them? were they drunk? Who knows.

  9. Laurenhorse

    i saw it and just leaved it.

  10. CocoPie111

    That’s really creepy. It should be like “What do you think of our new selection of noses.” or “Do you think we should release more LE?” or something.

  11. MissSaraRulzzzz

    I saw that, I was like: What kind of an idiot writes a question like that on a doll website?

  12. I know, pretty strange Poll question to post 0.0

    @Liz Haha I know xD. I was just to post a snapshot of the result page although I guess people will start to wonder which option I chose, so I may as well highlight it.

  13. thats, just, funny 🙂

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