Interview with Lizluz

As a part of in the Spotlight – and I mentioned before I would like to expand the project a little further- I conducted an interview with Lizluz.

How did you first stumble upon and was there any particular reason you decided to join?

I was introduced to Stardoll from one of my close friends. She kept telling all of these wonderful things that she could do on there and I was quite intrigued. She used to show me all of the dollies she could dress up and play with and at the time I was really into dolls.
I soon signed up to Stardoll before I even had an e-mail address so I had to use my mother’s. I was quite young, I think I was 10 at the time.

You’ve mentioned before that you had a break from Stardoll for 2 years, what was it like coming back to the changed site and do you have any regrets on that decision?

I simply had a long break from Stardoll because I was just bored with the site. I had a Superstar membership which had run out and I can’t really remember anything particularly interesting happening on the site. I’d visit every now and then but I really didn’t know what I was missing out on. I missed so many DKNY collections, LE, Antidote and such although I don’t really think I regret it. If I didn’t have that break where do you think I would be now? 😉
I think the main thing I missed though was when hacking started to really kick off. I think that was actually a good thing though, because if I had stayed on I have no doubt I would have fallen to some sort of hacker and had my account wiped out. Thankfully I didn’t, and still have a few pieces of DKNY which I don’t think a hacker would mind taking.

What is your biggest pet peeve on Stardoll?

Where do I start.
People who fail to spell correctly, people who spam, chain-mail, posers, trolls, people who ask me why they haven’t be let into TRR, people who rip off TRR, people who send me guestbook messages that say disturbing things, disgusting parties (which I hate enough to write a rant about), people who want Stardoll boyfriends or girlfriends and craptastic graphics in the Starplaza. I could go on for hours.
Although, I think my biggest pet peeve would just have to be people who are plain rude.
Yes, I admit I have been incredibly rude sometimes although I don’t rip off other peoples clubs and I don’t post horrible or disgusting things in guestbooks if I don’t even know the person.
Another one of my biggest pet peeves would have to be people who tYp3 lYk Di5. I mean it took me longer to type those 3 words then it did to type a whole sentence. I remember I used to type in text-talk (check the back of my guestbook 0_o) but thanks to a friend who persuaded me it was a bad I stopped. I’m glad I stopped, I mean I still have friends now that type like that and it really annoys me.

If you could change one thing on Stardoll, what would that be?

Hacking and scamming. Scamming is such a major issue on Stardoll yet they don’t even try to stop it. Sure, they write on their automated messages not to give out your password but really, what is that going to do when there are probably hundreds of accounts being turned over each month? I think Stardoll really need to up their game on this issue instead of trying to suck more money out of us.

Your artwork on Devianart is amazing, was there any specific reason you decided to pick up the graphics pen and start creating some digital art?

I decided to take up graphic art as a bit of a hobby as I was really into the Manga and Anime style of art when I started. I had big dreams of creating my own anime shows and drawing like the most popular artists on the site. I wanted to make amazing pieces of artwork. Big dreams, I know xD. I was quite naive.
Now my ambitions are a little different. I’d like to create more realistic pieces of art instead of the cutesy characters I have drawn before. Heck, they are fun although I think as I get older that I’d rather lean a more realistic style which would probably get me further in a few years. Plus, I like the look of a more realistic anime style :).

An example of Liz’s work

With all this digitally created art I’ve noticed that you haven’t made Stardoll graphics, is that a route you do not want to take?

You’ve just been looking in the wrong place 😉 Well kind of, here are some Stardoll graphics:

(Link will be provided soon)

I see what you mean though. I would gladly make more Stardoll graphics if people requested, and I really do enjoy making them. I do need time to sit down and make graphics though, as I am an absolute perfectionist when it comes to art and I don’t like producing and publishing pieces of art if I’m not happy with them. I also wouldn’t be happy with giving somebody a graphic that I’m not happy with, especially if they have paid for it.

Do you have any tips for those who want to begin to create digital art on Photoshop?

I know it’s incredibly overused, but practice makes perfect. Practice practice practice! Also having inspiration is good. Browse around, check out other people’s art and see what kind of style they have and if you love it, try to replicate the basics and branch off into your own style. This will help define your art later in the future :).
DeviantArt also has many generous users who make tutorials on how to use photoshop, colour, do lineart, use different tools on Photoshop and other programs.
Also, learn how to use layers in Photoshop. It will be the best thing you’ll ever learn :).

What future plans do you have for your club TheRealRoyalty. and your blog?

In TRR I hope to hold more competitions which I think should help the users creatively express themselves in different ways. I don’t exactly have any plans for the future – I’m not really sure where the club will go but I guess whatever happens happens, and hopefully whatever does will be great. I really love the club and all of it’s members now, they’re kind of like my Stardoll family you could say.
I’d like to see my blog be more about Stardoll fashion advice rather than updates. I will hopefully try to post about more major updates in the future but for now I just want to post about what I really want the blog to be in the future, a bit like a foundation. Blogging is harder than I first thought although I really think it’s improving my writing skills lol.

The final question, where would you like to see yourself (In Stardoll terms) in 6 months?

I have a vague idea of where I’d like to see myself, although the future is never clear. I’d like to see my blog blossom a bit more a be more interactive, and I think I’d like the same with TRR. Myself, I’m not sure because I don’t really know where my path is leading me at the moment. I don’t think you, Lel would ever think 4 years ago that you’d be here! 🙂
Thanks so much for the interview, I really enjoyed answering your questions.



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3 responses to “Interview with Lizluz

  1. Liz

    Yo Lel-dawg (so gangster I know),
    Second question, last sentence I made a typo :P.
    It should say:

    Thankfully I didn’t, and still have a few pieces of DKNY which I don’t think a hacker would mind taking.

  2. popcornDaisy

    Oh I loved this!! Lizluz, you’re answers are quite inspiring and Lel you’re questions make me think!

    Once again another post from Lel that makes me want to know how to follow and subscribe!

  3. Laurenhorse

    Hello! Guess what! Beauty parlor have been updated…
    …. aand your ‘zoom in’ feature HAS BEEN ADDED!!!

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