Why do people even bother?

I haven’t finished my Youtube video, I stayed up until 5am and the video was just terrible – not something I would be proud to upload on my channel. I’m going to stop making promises of a new video because I’m sure everyone is getting tired of my excuses now. I was hoping to finish all my homework on Saturday afternoon but now that it’s Sunday I am nowhere near finished. I’m going to stop with the explanations now, if I don’t post or upload a video – you just know that I’m struck down with homework.

If you leave your Guestbook open to everyone then it is likely you are going to receive some ridiculous comments from immature members of Stardoll.

I get these comments a lot from new Stardoll accounts with 0 Starpoints. Seems like someone just can’t use their main account to tell me they think my Medoll is a female dog and ugly. Cowardly behaviour. I couldn’t care less what people think of my Medoll, it is a bunch of pixels on the internet but the fact that this person doesn’t want to show me who they truly are, well I pity them.

Seems like YouWouldntDare has been copy and pasting the same message in different guestbooks. They have been copying another user who quotes from Pretty Little Liars – an American television show – NeverHavelever who has been posting in well-known Stardoll members Guestbooks. I know who it already is but it  is just an example of another coward.

Last comment? I’ve dealt with these things in the past, and you know what is really funny? I haven’t given out a Medoll Makeover in what seems over a month. People will accuse you of all sorts of things on the internet but when they have no proof and do not mention who their “friend” is then you do begin to doubt. One million times is a lot of tries which equals lots of free time to do so. Sadly I hate to put a damper on your accusation, but I am not sad enough to scrap my History Extended Response first draft, Maths Exam Paper, Art Jewellery Project and my Macbeth English essay so I can go on Stardoll and “hack” other users accounts. Recently I have been having trouble finding the right time to go online and blog/ create Youtube video – never-mind “hacking” someone. If people had any common sense these days then I would be so happy.

I know everyone must be tired of update posts so I just thought I would type this up to keep everyone occupied for the time being.







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13 responses to “Why do people even bother?

  1. Wow Lel. That rant on posers was really good. I admire your witty-ness towards haters. I wish I had that because I seem to have been having alot. Anyways i love your blog. I added it to my favourites! I love it Lel! ❤

  2. Sabrina

    Sorry I just had to write this I think the Noob that put -A at the end was pretty clever I love the Pretty Little Liars series. But its really pretty unoriginal.

  3. Liz

    That YouWouldntDare girl is posting all over my Guestbook saying she talks to me all the time on her other account, and that she has tried hacking before but I was obviously too smart for a person like her,
    Far out.

  4. I don’t get as many hate comments as you do ( because I am not as popular), but it is very irritating. A couple weeks ago, this girl commented my guestbook and started questioning me. She said that this was her friends account, and she wanted to know how I got it. She never mentioned who it was. I told her a billion times and she never listened. She kept saying that I hacked her friend and that is why she hadn’t talked to her in months. I bought the account (not funnygrl16, but my other one) from this one girl. Finally, I just blocked that user and she never bothered me again.

  5. Jeez, someone’s jealous 😉

  6. I too get silly little comments like that from time to time. In my opinion, just ignore it and block them. Feeding into them is EXACTLY what they want for you to do. They even possibly are trying to get you in trouble and taken from Stardoll. It’s best not even to reply back to the comments. Just delete the comment, and block them even. Don’t let ANYONE get the best of you.

  7. Arry

    They are idiots.

  8. renee:)

    @Ali for Short,you have a point!I never really realized that before..that if you just reply to them,that’s what they want!
    Well,Anyway.. you know “You Wouldn’t Dare”‘s account says that the person is,anonymous,and you’ll never find out who she is.Weird O_o

  9. Chargergirlsky


  10. Anonymous

    GlossyStarGirl5 is here lol

  11. hey u no it reaally dont matter

  12. Iceice20dice

    >_< Starting to get sick and tired of these type of people.

  13. Someone’s jealous…

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