Stardoll- Over 90 Million Members.

Stardoll has reached over 90 Million members!

It is a wonderful goal to achieve, now all we have to wait for is the 100 Million mark.

If you have any common sense whatsoever you will understand that there is not over 90 Million Members visiting the site every day, week, month or year. They still count deleted and banned accounts and also think about how many multiple accounts people own or have made. I’m sure I’ve made over 40 accounts during my 4 years on Stardoll – probably even more than that.

There is always a big surge to create as many accounts as you can before Stardoll reach the big goal. I remember back in 2008 when I was an active AL’er (Animal-Lovers club) people were making so many different accounts as everyone wanted to own the special millionth account (I forget if it was 20 million or 40 million since it’s been so long). Rumour was that if you were the 20 millionth member or a similar number that you would receive thousands of stardollars and membership but somehow I think that was untrue.

BlackHardrock is the lucky 90 millionth Stardoll member:

No Freebies i.e.celebration outfits which we have to pay for, or contests have been released on although it is late at night so I presume Stardoll staff are sleeping. Hopefully tomorrow morning something will be released.

There was a Twitter contest where you could guess when they would reach the 90 million mark. They made it even more difficult as you also had to guess the time as well.

They mentioned on another tweet that guesses would end on Friday but I still see people making guess so I’m not quite sure whether they are valid or not.

My guess was completely off – 2 days to be exact.

Congratulations Stardoll! I look forward to when we all celebrate over 100 million members on Stardoll.





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3 responses to “Stardoll- Over 90 Million Members.

  1. Chargergirlsky

    Wait, so the 90th million member got nothing?

  2. Renee:)

    BlackHardRock’s suite it bombarded with comments O.o

  3. Cheril135

    that person got gifts who is thje millionth membrer though???

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