Stardoll Beauty Parlor- New Eye-brows and Updated Non-SS Hairstyles

Stardoll have really surprised me tonight, the Non-Superstar Hairstyles Update looks amazing. The majority of those hairstyles were there when I first joined in 2006 so it’s nice to see that Stardoll is modernising all the hairstyles. Although they have made some hairstyles a lot worse – but in all honesty I never liked them anyway. Here are my favourite update hairstyles.

They look much more “softer”, the older versions had harsher highlights.

Stardoll has also update two Starpoint Reward Hairstyles, the 800 and the 900 Starpoint rewards.

The hair and eye-brows reminded me of Spock from Star Trek xD.

Stardoll also added new eye-brows:

Some of the eye-brows seem very comical and far too thin. I only would really wear one of the eye-brows (the one highlighted in purple) but I can imagine I could make some tutorials based on these.

With both of these new updates I really want to create a Celebrity inspired tutorial, I’ve had a couple of requests for a Kim Kardashian inspired tutorial and I want to re-do my Demi Lovato and Hayley Williams tutorials. Also maybe re-do my Decades video because I was never really happy with that in the first place.

Sadly these videos may take time to produce since homework – for me – is piling at the pound as the days go by. History notes, English essay on Macbeth, Artwork to finish, Maths Homework paper to finish and also I have to practice Piano for Music examiner in February/March.

I know everyone was asking for new hairstyles for Non-Superstars although I’m sure these will do for now.





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7 responses to “Stardoll Beauty Parlor- New Eye-brows and Updated Non-SS Hairstyles

  1. Glittagal799

    I really love the third hairstyle now, it’s so realistic and beautiful. 🙂 xoxo

  2. ericka

    I like the new changes but some of te hairstyles were better before..

  3. Liz

    The thing is is that now I rather some of the non-superstar hairstyles over the superstar ones xD. I’t great that they’ve updated them, I was really thinking that the graphics on the old non-ss hairstyles were a bit harsh on the eyes :P.

  4. They updated my favourite hairstyle AND gave me the thin, sexy eyebrows I’ve wanted.

  5. Arry

    Horror Shock!
    😮 Them hairstyles look amazing!

  6. Madison

    Those hairstyles look fantastic on you!

  7. Daya

    ~ii L<3VE thee haiirstylee..z.!*