Disgusting People on Stardoll

I received this disturbing message on my Guestbook six hours ago.

Probably some immature kid trying to get a kick out of this and I probably know their main account. On his/her’s profile it says they are from the UK – I could narrow it down to a few people.

Why do people say such things on Stardoll? This is not some sexual website or a dating site. Young members of Stardoll are basically exposed to this type of behaviour everyday, whether or not it is on the open Parties, Club Discussions or Guestbook messages. People need to find another website other than Stardoll to release their sexual desires online.

I can’t believe I even used those words on my blog. Never again.




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9 responses to “Disgusting People on Stardoll

  1. I guess this is a “funny” way of getting attention for them. Not only does it make them look bad, but it isn’t funny. I can’t believe this is what Stardoll has come too. Not only Stardoll but social networking websites and other things like Skype, MSN, and AIM.
    It’s really sad that you can’t go anywhere without sex being such a normal thing that people are just putting everything out there. It makes me sick.

  2. MissSaraRulzzzz

    ikr? My sister went into one of them lezzo parties and shes only 8 years old. Its disgusting.

  3. She posted in my guestbook too. Aswell as another one, they may be one and the same, but that one was poppin’ out insults like nobody’s business.
    You should write and article about hot/hawt.chick.69. Intrigue the fans.

  4. ericka

    That’s disgusting, & I know 4 year old girls on Stardoll who knows in what are those little girls into

  5. Arry

    Excuse me while I puke.
    That is completley disgusting!

  6. jb,

    sounds like a perv..

  7. It’s eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww (disgusting) people like this. And in Stardoll is even worst. Little children are reading that.
    It’s so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  8. Digusting! I hate it when people do those or say those things!Eww

  9. Anonymous

    i can’t believe they do this i mean that is why kids are so dirty and swear so much cause they are learning it at an early age because of these people it makes me sick

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