No Hotbuys This Month? Stardoll is like a Ghost Town.

There as been hardly any updates at all on Stardoll these past few days and that is why I have hardly been posting and also Stardoll is becoming boring for me.

It’s the 9th of January and Stardoll have not added the usual monthly Hotbuys spoilers for us to view, I’m beginning to think that there will be no January Hotbuys at all, or Hotbuys for 2011.

Just a few minutes ago I was reading the discussions on Stardoll Royalty and it seems I’m not the only one who is becoming tired of Stardoll, it is probably something to do with no new updates.

Is Stardoll planning something spectacular soon? We’ll all be soon celebrating 90 Million Members on Stardoll, I doubt anything great will happen – just the usual “freebies” although lately Stardoll have made us pay for the majority of those clothes.

I have fixed up the make-up looks and I just need to edit today. I’ve finally came up with a title Simple Landscapes. I was searching for landscapes on Google and found some beautiful pictures to use. The make-up looks aren’t ones where you need to coax your Medoll with false lashes or heavily load with accessories. The make-up is very simple, there’s nothing really difficult – except maybe the concept of trying to create the effect of blending.

I was hoping last night that I could type up Make-up Tips Part 2 although I felt I needed a break from my laptop. Hopefully I will be able to create the post sometime next week.

I do not have a lot of time to spend on Stardoll today, I have the video to edit and also I need to revise for a History assessment.

Thank you all so much for being patient with me here, I truly appreciate that.





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6 responses to “No Hotbuys This Month? Stardoll is like a Ghost Town.

  1. Liz

    Ugh, if stardoll take away hotbuys then their price will skyrocket in the bazaar. And I agree, it is like a ghost town. They’re not even releasing any nice clothes in the starplaza :/.
    Hopefully something will happen soon, and knowing Stardoll, probably 5 things at once. It reallly annoys me how they do that.

  2. Stardoll should just steadily update.
    One thing a day will do. And please, not the hotbuys!
    I collect those! D:

  3. Thankfully Mette.Stardoll has solved the mysterious case of the January Hotbuys for us ^-^

  4. Yes but it’s January 10th. Seriously, even I am more organised then stardoll (and I am sooooo not an organised person).

    xx. Rosie

  5. well i think they deserve a little break i mena holydays just passed !!!

  6. well i think they deserve a little break i mean holydays just passed !!!

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