Let us get this sorted.

I’m not quite sure if my message was clear or not when I was discussing about my slight anger towards the Best/Worst Dresses List.

I have nothing against the writer of that blog at all. I have no problem with being on a Worst Dresses List, after all it is simply just pixels.

What I was angered about was that I would have preferred if I was told beforehand, after all I had no idea about this blog never-mind nominations. I can’t even find a post where the nominations so I have no idea who nominated me, I would like to know just out of curiosity.





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6 responses to “Let us get this sorted.

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  2. Liz

    I just think it’s a stupid idea. Nothing really good would have come from it, so why start it in the first place? Some people really do work hard on making their medolls look nice, but then when somthing like this comes along it could really hurt them.

  3. Just a thought, but it could have been carla?

  4. Laurenhorse

    Hahaha look at *twinks* presentation. She know im Lel1996 biggest fan so…. I think that might be carla. *Twinks* and Sweetiebaba

  5. Jessica

    Whyw ould you even care ? they dont even know you in real life . So ya … and they must be ugly in real life anyways . so ya just ignore it .

  6. @Rosie

    I doubt it. I know she really despises me but I don’t think she would nominate me for Worst Dress for revenge =L.

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