Thank you everyone for all the great questions you have asked me on Formspring, I really had to think hard about some of them. Someone left a question about me posting Free Stuff here, I will try in the future (It will become one of my Blog Resolutions) although just the fact they are featured in other blogs makes me hesitant about re-posting it all again here.

So starting from tomorrow I will begin to start posting free stuff again.

I’m going to postpone my make-up tutorial until Friday/Saturday. I’m not finally back at School and in every single class, the teacher has mentioned about the run-up to the final prelims (mock exams that can be used as evidence if we get a bad mark in the final exams) and the final exams. I can imagine this school term and the next will be quite hectic with lots of revision and homework although I will assure you that I will try my hardest to keep posting on the blog and uploading videos whenever I have the chance to.

It’s hard to believe everything is going by so fast now.

I’ve given up on the idea of a Beauty Mask tutorial at the moment, I know I should really be focussing on make-up as of now.

I don’t have any big posts coming along, still tired out from the 2010 Summary so I apologise. Recently things have been getting on my nerves a lot on Stardoll so Things That Annoy Me On Stardoll Part 4 might be on the works this month.

I am really sorry to those who were anticipating a new Youtube video this week, sometimes I just cannot create a look that I’m happy with. Looking back on my previous videos I really wish I was more picky on what I uploaded, I blush at the thought of some of my old tutorials. Watch them with caution.

Thank you again for all the creative questions on my Formspring,


Sorry to those who asked my real name and what I look like etc. a bit too out of my comfort zone for me. I hope you can understand that I am quite private on certain aspects due to the posing scandal last summer.

Sorry that I’m boring today, that Poll thing really agitated me and I’m back at school- so my spirits aren’t that high.




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