I mean seriously? I thought this would be long gone by now.

Visit this before you begin to read to avoid confusion of the situation:



So I received this in my Guestbook while I was offline.

So I checked this person’s presentation in absolute confusion.

I mean, eh? I remember seeing this person view my Stardoll profile almost a week ago because of the “Elite” in the user-name. I was still in complete confusion until I visited this person’s blog and the list is there also.

On her Guestbook, another member was thanking her for putting her on the worst dress list and she plainly replied “Don’t blame me, blame the person who nominated you”.

Can I ask, when did I ever ask to be a part of this absolute nonsense. I don’t dress my Medoll to be judged by others, I dress my Medoll the way I feel like it. I am not part of that group that are in these blogs, I’m not even sure who would nominate me – I don’t know a lot of people on the website.

This is why I gave up reading gossip blogs a long time ago, it made me very spiteful towards others who I did not know. When there was an “award ceremony” on Stardoll they would each give comments on different users outfits and I would laugh out loud at the sharp-tongued comments they would make on the dreadful outfits and also laugh at the user. I didn’t feel sorry for them, I didn’t realise that this person might have feelings, I didn’t even look at their defence they posted  on the comments sections. Although back in the day, if you did attend those Guestbook parties you knew you were going to be judged by others.

They say “Don’t Blame Me”, I don’t even want to try to argue with this person. Although you may have not nominated any one, it is your responsibility to make sure some people are comfortable with having their virtual pixels judged by others, you should ask people if they would like to take part before you compile lists like these.

It is just the fact that I’m on some sort of Poll when I never asked to take part. Sure, I would have taken part if they asked permission first and I would laugh at myself during the process. But when you aren’t expecting it and you have no idea what is going on then it is a pretty nasty shock.

How inconsiderate people are these days. People think that manners do not exist on the internet? That annoys me.

I would never take this to heart, it is a bunch of pixels that I have somehow compiled together. Just the fact that someone posted a comment on my Guestbook, including me in a Poll and on a blog which I had no idea about – is just irritating me at the moment.





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11 responses to “I mean seriously? I thought this would be long gone by now.

  1. That is so silly, besides you have one of the best dress dolls I have ever seen. The pieces you choose work really well together. Even the other dolls on that list have wonderful style.

  2. Renee :)

    I’ts just good that you have a strong heart..I honestly wouldn’t feel too hot about it.
    I mean,some people are so shallow.It freaking annoys me (excuse my language)

  3. What a bitch (sorry couldn’t think of any other word). Have you seen her own outfit? It looks horrible :/

    xx. Rosie

  4. I think it simply plain jealousy.

  5. I posted on her blog post anyways(;

  6. @Bellajella1997

    Some of the girls on the Worst Dressed list don’t have bad outfits at all. I guess people – I included – just got worst dressed nominations.
    I wish I knew who nomiated me.

    Thank you, I seen that ^-^ although she replied with basically the same message not to blame her.

    Not so ticked off about it, It was just pretty annoying that some random users were going to be some sort of judging panel and I was never told until the last minute.
    Calmed down now, if people want to judge my dolly’s virtual pixel clothing then so be it, I have better things to worry about than some meangingless Poll and a blog I never read.

  7. Niki__x

    Wtf? Mette.Stardoll saying rate me games were hurtful, this is a lot worst. It made me laugh how shallow they are, Stardoll shouldn’t be about dressing to suit others likes. But about dressing the way you like, create your own style. But worst and best dressed? All a bunch of jelousy and popularity.

  8. I find all this ‘elite’ crap useless.
    And they dress horribly, them best dressed ladies. I prefer to wear what I like instead of pretending to be sophisticated.

  9. Panicfanforever

    Seriously? Thats so shallow and bitchy! Considering most of the people on the worst dressed list actually dress very well i don’t see why this girl believes she has the authority to judge anyones style!!

  10. CocoPie111

    That is immature and ugh. Who cares what the “Elite” thinks. You have awesome style Lel. Really. And Its over a virtual website too. I bet they are some 12 year old kids who can barely dress themselves. There are so many bitches on Stardoll judging people.

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