So I was on StardollConfidential’s form spring tutorial so I thought why not xD it sounds fun, just answering random questions. If you have formspring I’ll be happy to follow ;). To ask me a question you don’t have to have an account at all.

Sorry for not posting a lot today, I’m trying to concentrate on working on my Youtube tutorial but sadly, I keep getting distracted.

UPDATE: I started working on a Lace Mask and I just finished the outline but I think I’ll leave the tutorial until another day. I’ve been working on different looks today but nothing special is appearing – I guess it’s one of those blank days. Tomorrow is my last day of holidays so I’m going to have a rest tonight and see if I can come up with anything tomorrow. I’m sorry everyone 😦





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10 responses to “Formspring

  1. Renee :)

    I think it’s very cool that you have a formspring now!

  2. Liz

    Good way to leans some different and interesting thngs about you 🙂
    I hate sport too considering I suck, so we have something in common xD

    I asked you a question already 🙂

    xx. Rosie

  4. I’m glad you made one! I made one a couple weeks ago and a video on how to navagate it, but I haven’t gotten many questions yet..

  5. .Anti.Dot.

    A week or two ago I got a question. A.Really.Stupid.Question. This is what it said “Ok so I have a crush on U.. I made a profile at this site go there sign up and search for AntiDots and guess who I am” did you get anything like that? Or do you have any clue who it was? I really need to know! It just freaks me out so much! HELP!

  6. .Anti.Dot.

    P.S. Don’t go to the link. Its a dating site DX

  7. I’m really sorry but I have no idea 0.0
    Just make sure you block this person.

  8. .Anti.Dot.

    Alright, thanks Lel! The thing is… that it was an anonymous. Hopefully the person will never come back 0.0

  9. Liz


    I have gotten the same message… Check out my formspring:

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