Stardoll Can You Not Wait?

Okay I was on my Blackberry, just going to post a Tweet then suddenly I seen Stardoll had tweeted this:

Sorry about the watermark, the Blackberry Screenshot app does that.

Stardoll were referencing to Chinese New Year, which isn’t until February 3rd. They just couldn’t wait to advertise the Sunny Bunny store .  .

That would be cool, if Stardoll created a new Sunny Bunny floor featuring the Zodiac.



I finally downloaded the Screenshot app for my Blackberry yesterday, I can’t stop “Munching” (The app is called Screen Muncher). This is what my blog looks like haha.

Thank you to LizLuz for this snapshot on what my blog looks like on the Ipod ^-^.



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3 responses to “Stardoll Can You Not Wait?

  1. Arry

    I was born in the year of the rabbit 😀
    On the Dsi it looks normal, but without any pictures.

  2. Hello Lel!

    I was wondering if you could PLEASE make a post about this new agency on Stardoll. I want to make it big and it would be such an honor since I LOVE your blog! The website is
    Just one little mention?
    Thank you!


  3. Liz

    Hey Lel,
    If you check out my blog you’ll see what your blog looks like on my iPod xD. I was taking screenshots so I thought I’d let you know what it looks like haha.

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