31st Day of Stardoll Holiday Calendar. Final Item. Feather Hem Dress.


It’s sad to see the Holiday Calendar end on a bad note. I like the dress although I thought Stardoll would go out with a Bang! Last year, everyone received 25 Stardollars for free and I thought the Calendar items last year were a lot better.

I wish that Stardoll gave out a free eye-shadow for Non-Superstars or something along the lines of that, also maybe more Medoll items. We only received Headphones, last year there was this beautiful Hairband – which I sadly missed. Overall, the calendar wasn’t that bad.

My favourite items have to be the Pastel Coloured Trench Coat and Darth Vader Digital Clock. My least favourite items were the Pointy Red Shoes.

Seems like we are not receiving any freebies from Stardoll this year, in 2009 everyone received a free DKNY Golden/Black Bow Dress. Those were the good old days.




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One response to “31st Day of Stardoll Holiday Calendar. Final Item. Feather Hem Dress.

  1. Jessesgirl72

    I mentioned that in OC, like I had made a topic and some noob told me to quit whining cause at least I got free stuff cause she didn’t. I told her it was in the calendar, just click the link; -facepalm-
    I was pretty disappointed with it this year.

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