New StarDesign Items

I thought I could spend all day tomorrow working on my summary of 2010 on Stardoll but it turns out I need to help a few people out tomorrow – in real life. So I’m going to start the big post tonight then work on it tomorrow as well and post it. That is why there is a shortage of posts tonight, sorry folks.

The prices are very over-rated if you ask me.

I looked at the Dress outline and I thought it looked great but once I made a 30 second design and tried it myself, I wasn’t so sure.

I just don’t like the shading of the dress itself- I know the design is rubbish. I’m talking about the dress itself. It’s not something I would buy for 16 Stardollars at all.





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2 responses to “New StarDesign Items

  1. ericka

    I agree, I really don’t like them at all & they’re not worth it, just maybe the shoes but still.

  2. GeoBanga

    I agree. The dress is VERY overpriced, although it can look nice. I saw just a plain red one paired with matching accessories and it looked quite good. But the price is so stupid! For one more stardollar you could get a Hot Buys dress, such as the Voile Hot Buys gown, which is absolutely stunning! But I do like the coat, even if it may be pricey 🙂 Haha sorry about my rant 😛

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