My Next Youtube Videos


So I’ve been thinking about videos for the beginning of 2011 and I’ve also been discussing it with a couple of people as well.
I’m hoping to create a series of Princesses Around the World and creating different make-up looks. Also I’m hoping to create make-up looks on the Western Zoadic eg. Scorpio, Cancer, Leo and so forth. I love the Easter Zodiac, this Chinese New Year it is the Year of the Rabbit which will be in February. Not sure if I will create a tutorial inspired by the Rabbit considering I did a Year of the Tiger this year.

I’m uncertain whether I shall start a New Years tutorial, since I’m not sure what I would create although I am considering another Beauty Mark project- although for New Years I’ll use Diamonds. That would be fun to create, although I also want to show a look people can re-create themselves.

I just though I would add a post here about it if I ever forget and also I posted here about future Blog ideas so I don’t want to leave my Youtube channel out.

Sorry if it’s been a make-up day here, I’m already listing a couple of things for Things That Annoy Me On Stardoll Part 4, I forgot to mention a couple of topics on Part 3. Although I’ll post that later in 2011. I may post Things That Annoyed Me On Stardoll During 2010 and talk about the most annoying things that happened this year.


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7 responses to “My Next Youtube Videos

  1. Anonymous

    I think the Things That Annoyed Me On Stardoll During 2010 idea would be fun to see.
    I’m looking forward to your Zodiac series, especially Libra (my sign).

  2. 😉 Hey Lel!
    Long time, no see! My internet broke and we weren’t able to get it fixed until yesterday. Anyways, I enjoyed reading all your posts. I’m glad to say that I am all caught up on news.

    Anywhoo, I’m really excited about your Things that Annoy me idea.

    I would’ve liked to see a monthly thing instead of the Zodiac because I don’t really understand that.. Things like July=Ruby, and so you’d do a look inspired by that. But you should do whatever sounds good to u!

  3. Totally off subject, but are you doing a summary of 2010? I’ve already written my summary (totally well planned this week :D) though it is only July to December, and doesn’t really cover everything that happened.

    xx. Rosie

  4. @Anonymous

    Glad to hear it ^-^.
    Oh cool, I’m a Scorpio ;).

  5. @Funnygrl16

    Aw =( Thankfully your internet is fixed now.
    Gosh I never thought of that, it sounds like a great idea. I may actually use that as a monthly thing haha =L.
    Well the Western Zodiac, there are 12 different animals/creatures and everyone is basically assigned to one by the date of their birth.
    Whilst the Eastern Zodiac is based on your year of birth and there are different mythical beasts and animals.

  6. @Rosie

    Yes I am xD. It may take the whole night, basically I go through all the posts I made this year and bam them into one, but I think it’s worth it. I love looking back at my 2009 summary and remembering the good old times haha.
    Ohh I can’t wait to read it, are you posting it tomorrow on your blog?

  7. @Lel: I’m not sure. I put the manual post on, so it’s going to be published sometime from today to tomorrow, I think near midnight (australian time) it will be posted. No clue really. Oh and just a little mistakes I made, but it’s from June to December.

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