Raffle released!

So I’ve released the raffle today, so hopefully everyone will have a chance of signing up. Next to About Lel at the top of this page you can now see Sign Up for Code Raffle. Just click on their and post your Stardoll name in a comment and I will use a Random Generator to pick a user who receives the code.

I’m sorry if I have already given you a prize from a previous competition, You are not allowed to join this raffle. I want to give everyone a chance of winning something here.

Good Luck Everyone!






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5 responses to “Raffle released!

  1. I think I will join that!!!

  2. @Arry

    Glad to hear it 😉

  3. ericka

    Thanks for the opportunity. (:

  4. .Anti.Dot.

    I was so close to winning! I wish I had! I was going to make my friend wizards12345 superstar! She has never been one! And I feel really bad for her! She has been a member for a while! And almost all of her other friends are superstar, and royalty! I think its unfair for her! So, next raffle, add my name! Because if I win, I am going on her account, typing in the code, and next time she logs in… she will have superstar! Thanks for reading such a long comment!

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