Winner of the Blog Article Code Competition!

I have been having difficulty working on how to close the Poll and how to work it, but I am officially closing the poll now.

The winner is EssRox!

Congratulations, you either win 1 month Superstar or 250 Stardollars.

Thank you everyone for voting and a special thank you to everyone who sent in an entry. I’m sure there must be some disappointment but as promised, there will be a raffle on the 31st December for a smaller code and it will be available to enter tomorrow.

Thank you everyone, once again, for creating those astonishing articles. I was pleasantly surprised on how well written all the articles were and I could really see the time spent on writing them.





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25 responses to “Winner of the Blog Article Code Competition!

  1. laurenhorse

    How do you enter the compertition?

  2. What do the other users get?

  3. CocoPie111

    Sucks. :/ But the other users should at least get something.

  4. @Demi903

    I’m not giving out gifts to runners up this time because I’m giving out another code in a couple of days.

  5. @Laurenhorse

    I’ll make a post where everyone can comment and put their Stardoll user-names in tomorrow.
    Then on the last day of 2010, I’ll use a Random Generator and pick out a random user who wins the code.

  6. :-O Thank You EVERYONE!

    I’m actually speechless lol 😛


  7. she didn’tdeserve it at ALL

  8. skittleskiss

    @demi903 I think she did!

  9. @Demi903

    I know you are very upset that you didn’t win the code but you could try again tomorrow for the raffle.
    I think she was a very worthy winner so I think she did deserve the code, even if she was Superstar or not.
    Good luck in the raffle ^-^.

  10. @demi903

    Can I ask how?

  11. Hey Lel, in the first paragraph, you said you were closing the blog. I think you meant you were closing the poll or something.

    And also, I think Essrox did deserve. Her story was very interesting and was good to read. I voted for her.

    xx. Rosie

  12. Hi, Thank you for spotting that haha. There is something seriously wrong with me tonight xP
    Yeah she did really deserve to win, Demi903 is just disappointed on the result- she probably doesn’t mean it.

  13. Lel it’s 3am in the morning, go to sleep XD
    It’s afternoon here though, and I am bored, bored, bored 😛

    Yeah I didn’t think you were going to close the blog… and yeah but Demi903 actually got like a lot of votes, so she still did good anyway 🙂

    xx. Rosie

  14. Laurenhorse

    Okie Thankies Oh and Im talking to Carla :O She added me and were chatting thru dollmail – Help me what am I doing?

  15. Nice!!
    I already congrautlated her!
    Wait a sec, how do u spell congratulated?

  16. CocoPie111

    I mean, I was kinda upset, But then I realized I’m acting childish about it. Ess does deserve it Demi903. Be a good sport. I mean gosh, Its just a stupid code. She’s giving another one out in a few days. Maybe you will get it. Maybe not. And why don’t you think Ess deserved it? We all did. Its rude to say she didn’t deserve it at all. When I read EssRox’s story, She included websites she went to, The letters she wrote to SD, and much more. Congrats Ess 🙂

  17. Laurenhorse

    wen u doing raffle?

  18. @LaurenHorse

    I have just opened it now =L.

  19. @Rivailyas

    It is spelt congratulated, I think you spelt it right ;).

  20. @LaurenHorse

    She won’t bite, unless she asks for a Medoll Makeover or to swap passwords. Then you block and report her.

  21. @Rose_Jean

    I couldn’t sleep all last night – too many coughing fits at once -.- Plus I had to help out with EssRox and the code, we had some troubles =L.
    Me neither lol, I always get in a rush making posts. I have this thought that if I don’t post them fast enough then nobody will read it. Strange thought I know o.o
    Yeah she did, I hope she has better luck in the raffle =).

  22. Princesspea105

    Congratulations to the winner!
    I came in second. Good enough for me. (:

  23. @Lel1996: I’ve only posted like 4 posts on my blog this week :O

  24. @Lelly

    I’m so sorry ’bout the mess up :S
    After 4-5 attempts we got it lol
    But I which I checked the time for you first :S

    Sorry again!

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