Stardoll Accessory Medoll Trends. Then and Now.

I’ve just been going around Stardoll Suites this afternoon and I’ve noticed how much Stardoll members have changed.

If anyone can remember, way back to the Animal-Lover (It was the biggest club on Stardoll at the time) days. Mostly all the members used to love sticking on multiple Fake Lashes onto their eyelids, and nearly the whole entire active population of Animal-Lovers did this at the time:

Here is an old snapshot I found on my blog that I posted in 2008.

It was a bit more extreme than that ..

I think this trend has died down a lot, now that there are different Fake lashes available.

Then everyone started to get very creative and use lashes on the bottom of the eyelid- this trend really started growing in 2009 and I even created a tutorial on the idea.

Now different users use Accessories in a whole new way nowadays.

I was just looking around different Suites and I remember I was struggling with creating Lady Gaga Anime Eyes for a tutorial, I saw this user that used Onigiri Charms to create Anime Eyes with contact Lenses, although hers was a lot better than mines:

I’ve since forgot her user-name but I just find it astonishing how much things have changed. How people are using different fake lashes or jewellery pieces to replicate Anime Eyes or even just to create Creative Medolls. Also how users are more likely to use items from Suite Shop to create unique outfits.

Just goes to show how much things have changed. Look at how I used to apply make-up back in 2008:

and now:

That’s a massive improvement over two years.





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8 responses to “Stardoll Accessory Medoll Trends. Then and Now.

  1. I love the eyeshadow in the bottom picture. It looks awesome 🙂

  2. The ones with the big eyes remind me of takecare_1995 xD

  3. sallys_song

    I have to pee.

  4. @Sallys_song

    What a wonderful thing to announce =L.

  5. Princesspea105

    You actually did a really good job at the anime eyes. Can you link the tutorial you were talking about?

  6. The eyelashes in the second picture is something i might call extreme!!’
    TO many people wear this!!

  7. Please do more of these!!!