New Interior- Fireworks Over the City

This has now appeared in the Suite Shop and is available to buy at 30 Stardollars.

It is exactly the same as the Minimalist interior with a Darker Sky and Flash Fireworks appear.

This was also available last year, and Stardoll also used the interior as a backdrop to advertise the free DKNY Dress on New Years.

I just ask this question, why does Stardoll keep re-using old items? I would definitely not buy an Interior for 30 Stardollars. That’s almost the same price as a Luxe Lipgloss or Glitter Dust.





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3 responses to “New Interior- Fireworks Over the City

  1. laurenhorse

    I know. Whats next SDVAT?

  2. Sterling/Mariahfan999

    I think it was twenty stardollars last year..

  3. I love it, I just wish it was cheaper :/

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