Christmas Make-up Spoiler

So since I have been posting some pretty rubbish update posts recently, I’ll give everyone a sneak peek of my Christmas tutorial. I’m hoping to do 3 looks for this video and so here is the Older and Mature look:

Just shades of Green eye-shadow blended together with hints of a red/pink colour. I’ve watched some Michelle Phan tutorials this past hour and I’ve seen some comments from her subscribers. I have to say, they are pretty angry that she is releasing a lot of difficult artistic tutorials and not doing any every-day make-up tutorials. I’m not sure if that’s how my subscribers feel, with me now creating some Beauty Mark tutorials but hopefully I can strike a balance.

This is my White Christmas look.

I think I used traditional Christmas colours. The Browns and Reds reminded me of a log fire that you see in those Hollywood movies about Christmas where all the family is gathered together around the fireplace with their Christmas tree and presents.





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3 responses to “Christmas Make-up Spoiler

  1. my fave is the last one and btw I already finished the post
    here is the link:

  2. I love all of them! Can’t wait to see the video.

  3. Anonymous

    I think that your videos are absolutely amazing no matter how artistic and non wearable it may be for everyday. Makeup tutorials that are more simple can be easily replicated and a bit bland if used many times which is why throwing in a bit more dramatic look once in a while for fun shows how creative a person can really be. There are so many makeup tutorials that are for everyday looks and you are not the only makeup guru for Stardoll on Youtube that can create them. Those that bash on Michelle are a bit ignorant and aren’t willing to look for other makeup tutorials that can be used for everyday. You and Michelle are both truly creative and you should continue being a bit more different from others because it can be boring watching people do the same thing all the time. You truly are amazing Lel and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 🙂

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