Busy Busy Busy

Sorry about all these small update posts and no Youtube video.

I’ve made a lot of promises to people, tinypics and Medoll Makeovers which takes a lot of time for me. I could easily spend 3 minutes giving someone a mediocre makeover that I know won’t live up to their expectations. It sometimes irritates me that some people think I can create something like my Black Swan tutorial on their own Medoll or something such as my Aurora tutorial. I spend hours -and I mean hours– working on those make-up looks and re-editing them over and over again. Even though most of my make-up tutorials are made by me playing around with my make-up, I find it more comfortable working on my own Beauty Parlor plus I only need my approval.

When you are still recovering from an illness, I have to admit you do get lazy and grumpy a lot.

Today I am hopefully going to start to edit and record my Christmas tutorial -finally. Star working on a Christmas banner. Reply to messages and requests etc. Upload a rant today (I miss them so). Upload small update posts today.

I hope I can finish all those in the list but it may take some time.

Tomorrow I hope to have the day off, I’ll upload the banner (If I actually create it in time) and maybe I’ll upload 2 posts on the Holiday Calendar and the 12 Days of Dresses. I’m not going to post much because I think all of the readers will be celebrating Christmas or other celebrations and so will I.

Happy Holiday everyone ;).




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