And She strikes again . .

Remember the snapshot I posted here of the girl who called me a Loser in a friend request, well now she has sent a disgusting message to LaurenHorse:

Now let us use trusty Google Translate (I’ve moderated parts of the message):

Why does Stardoll moderate foul English words yet not in any other languages? They have members all over the globe, shouldn’t it be expected that they moderate such language.





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9 responses to “And She strikes again . .

  1. Whats her problem anyway?

  2. She must really want attention. Whether it’s good or bad.

  3. That’s me!!!!! Yay! Oh that piccy did turn out good sorry i thought it wudn’t and She swears in Romania cum on

  4. Yeh! And Im only 1o! Hahaha swearing at a 1o yr old! Good luck! SD now know’s!

  5. Renee :)

    Wow,she must have wanted to be on your blog 😉

  6. Tell me about it first I thought it was sumthing lke this: Oh hey add me.
    Got my google translater out and.. BOOM Dollmailed Lelly like in a second he need;s to get reported! report her

  7. giddusadik

    shes an idiot. anyways, I know romanian and it actually means go to hell and s…. d…

  8. Anonymous

    I am so sorry for what that immature erm (i dunno what to call her) has been writing.

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