My Stardoll Life by Demi903

One day I was on a website(I don’t know which), but I found  an ad like this one:

I never knew anything about

I just clicked the ad, and traveled into a different world

with fashion like no other. I didn’t know at the time

that I would do this blog, or be like …. famous.

After that I asked my mom to join the site, I had a different

user then, after a while after that I made up… demi903!!

I liked no sorry LOVED  this(that) account so much

But now that I see it I really don’t like how I looked before

I was poor, I never was a superstar, and I had NO money

(stardolllars). I was getting really bored

2007-the Spring of 2008.

Still, I went everyday after school.

At the Spring of 08 I got a prepaid card ($10) and became

a superstar… I got makeup, new clothes and I had so

many friends all ready back then even.

I thought I looked wonderful.

So  I bought prepaid cards 1 or 2 more times

and survived by that the past year, looking the same


Wow! Long time ago….. 21 months…..


I had a really long break in the summer of 2009, which lasted 1 year because I came back in in the summer of 2010. I came back again because of the reason that my friend found out about it and she needed a friend. so I came back.

I really like stardoll to be honest.

And it is my fourth year in and I am enjoying it.

I always had long hair which had some of my friends a surprise with my new short pixie haircut.

I have seen(other than my hair) stardoll change throughout the years,with the log in which they improved, and the clothes, EVERYTHING has changed since the day I have first logged in and the minutes that I am (now) logged on.

Stores have been added a lot , and hotbuys have been improved everything.

My fave brand is Tingeling because it makes me feel rich with its cute clothes that are mostly faux fur, pleather, its wonderful.

I like hotbuys because it has styles that are different from others.

I like “LE” because it is so cute, but I hate that it ends very fast and it is so expensive. But really it is supposed to be like that… get it”limited edition”!

Weird that when my time for superstar ends its when limited edition comes.

I like Antidote because of the reason that it is different(like other brands). I have no idea why but it reminds me of Fudge.

Both brands are very hard to get, so girls with money and who are superstars wait next season and save your money!!!!

Thank you guys for reading this and I hope (to lel1996) that you enjoyed this!!!!

Happy holidays everyone!


Here is me modeling with my fave brands:

fallen angel




Pretty in Pink


Bisou(my fave outfit)




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  2. CocoPie111

    Your post rocks. 🙂

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