My Stardoll life by Carolildes

In Stardoll, all doll has a story, and I’ll show you my story.
My Stardoll story started 1 year and nine months ago, and until now, happened lots of things in mine!
A lot of great things, like win free stuff and money (I mean, Stardollars), buy beautiful clothes and makeup, etc.
And a lot of terrible things too! Like hackers, and other things/people…
I’m now SuperStar, but last year, I didn’t was…
I’ve bought hundreds of makeups, clothes and furniture.
I have a lot of friends, a lot of best friends, and this is cool, cuz I have people to talk to me ALL the time! šŸ˜‰
My real-life friends don’t like Stardoll, but they even don’t now how it is!
Just my best real-live friend has a doll, her doll is Juju.Fofiz and I chose that name for her doll (and she loved!).
I now some famous hackers, they had sent a friend request to me, but I never (EVER) accept, because it’s dangerous and bad!
My BFFs (Best Friends Fofever) on Stardoll, are the dolls:
They are really cool! You gotta add them!
What I was saying?
In Stardoll, I like to do my creations and sell them for people who will use it, and I like to do parties, decorate my house, do pages of my album, etc, etc, etc, and blah, blah, blah.
Now, I really love to make videos on Youtube.Com!
My Youtube channel isĀ
Visit and Subscribe! šŸ˜‰
I think that Stardoll is a bit unfair, cuz we can’t dance, listen to music, put addresses, etc.
And on Stardoll, we could save a person like we had tidy that person, and, this just to take a picture of like you want this doll, and I have a few ideas of what Stardoll should do to make our Stardoll lives better, imagine if had a city called Stardoll with a lot of things like Winter Mill, that has a map (Mortal Kiss), if we could sleep and eat on Stardoll! It will be awesome!
Well, I guess is just that, even with all that I can say, this is the basic about my Stardoll life, like because I’m notĀ on StardollĀ for a lot of time, nothing REALLY great or REALLY bad happened to me, just that I turned a SuperStar and that I have a lot of friend, etc…
Kisses, bye



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  2. Anonymous

    i love strdoll

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