New Super Supreme Collection

I’m not really interested in Super Supreme. I find that strange as I’m willing to pay 65 Stardollars for a Limited Edition top or skirt yet not for a Suite dolly decoration.

It was a bit inevitable that they would choose Justin Beiber and the two male protagonists of Twilight since they would be sold out in no time. If I were to buy one, I would only buy the mini Coco Chanel yet it was sold out when I logged on.

I would only really consider buying a 100 Stardollar priced dolly if it was something like Hello Kitty or a Giant Panda.




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One response to “New Super Supreme Collection

  1. Lol I wanted the Justin Bieber one, but then I saw the price and I was like, no way, she’s totally not worth it XD

    Sorry, i’m bored, so i’m commenting on your blog 😛

    xx. Rose_Jean

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