Starbazaar Update- Now for Non-Superstars!

From the Official Stardoll Blog


We’re happy to announce that StarBazaar – Stardoll’s Vintage Marketplace – is now open to everyone, not just Superstars.

Who can BUY in StarBazaar?

  • Superstars (just like before)
  • Non Superstars (if you have over 500 StarPoints and have verified your email address with us)

Who can SELL in StarBazaar?

Selling your self-designed items in StarBazaar is still a Superstar-only feature,  but if you feel there’s an inner Stella McCartney in you, just upgrade to a Superstar membership and start selling your own beautiful creations to the world!

I think this is an amazing step to a more equal balance on Stardoll. 500 Starpoints doesn’t take very long if you are an active member and registering your e-mail only takes less than 10 minutes. This is what we need more of on Stardoll, compromise.

I read a few comments left on the Official Stardoll Blog and some people aren’t really satisfied by this change. Some Superstars think it is unfair that one their privileges are being taken away, but in all honesty I am not bothered by this at all.

Now Non-Superstars have a chance to earn Stardollars other than Play & Earn which I think is great. Reason why they limit it to 500 Starpoints is so that only really or half active accounts receive this benefit and I think that is fair.

They are only limited to selling 10 items a day, which I think puts a stop to hackers stealing items. You get those hacking cases where they hack someone’s account and steal their rares by selling to a fake account and then re-selling it to their main account. Usually they make their fake account Superstar but now because of this update they won’t be tempted to buying the membership for an account they will never use. Also I don’t think Stardoll wants to give the entire cake to Non-Superstars.

UPDATE: The limit is also for Superstars. (Thanks to Rose_Jean).

An amazing change on Stardoll, I hope they bring out more updates similar to this next year.





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7 responses to “Starbazaar Update- Now for Non-Superstars!

  1. I hate this! I make money from my starbazaar, and if i’m only allowded to sell 10 items every 24 hours, i’ll be broke.

    Why’d they even change that? It was annoying only allowing us to sell 20 items at once, but now only 10? Geez thats annoying.

    xx. Rose_Jean

  2. It’s 10 items for every 24 hours for Superstars as well? 0.0
    I just thought it was for Non-Superstars.
    Now this is stupid, I don’t even use Starbazaar but I agree with you, 20 items was irritating but this is infuriating.
    It is probably something to do with tackling hackers,

  3. Renee W.

    I loke this change,but I don’t think it’s that fair that you have to have 500 starpoints.I mean sure,they can get the starpoints quite easily.Though,not quite sure about that.Anyway,I like it,just though I would say that.Some of you don’t find that a problem though.

  4. Sara

    I don’t get why SS are gettig so pissed off! They get heaps of privallges, makeup, hair, clothes and more, Stardoll are actually being helpful and giving Non-Superstars a bit of a hint on what it’s like to be SS, so I don’t understand why SS are not happy with it, they get ALOT more privellages then we do.

  5. How?

    I’m sorry…I think either you or I missunderstood Stardoll’s announcement. Non Superstars cannot sell as far as I know. So I don’t understand the sentence “Now Non-Superstars have a chance to earn Stardollars other than Play & Earn which I think is great”… ??? How would they if they can’t sell?

  6. It’s an old post and I’m in no mood to re-edit it. I wrote this post as soon as it was released on the official Stardoll blog so obviously I didn’t know the finer details at the time.

  7. Cynny

    So Non-SS CAN’T sell? x

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