Miss Stardoll World Winner 2010- Perilice2

She has an amazing Suite and Medoll so I think she is a worthy winner.

Speculation has risen over Stardoll, Perilice2 received the winner’s crown when all the finalists were revealed. I was going to post about it but I just assumed it was just a glitch. Strange. People are now claiming that Stardoll had fixed the vote. It doesn’t really matter to me, it is just a virtual game.

Now everyone is talking about a clearer system. So when someone wins Covergirl we get to see how many votes they received. Hiding results is just going to cause speculation and rumours will spread like wildfire among members of Stardoll.

I was hoping for a Non-Superstar to win Miss Stardoll World, as the winner receives 1 year Superstar Membership, although the majority of people voted on the users Suite and Medoll and Superstars are given the best clothes and Suite items etc.

I also would have thought that countries with the most members such as USA, UK or Australia would have won, Turkish members must be so proud. I seen her Guestbook, the first page was from 1 minute ago. Imagine all the friend requests she will have. Now that is a daunting task.

Altogether, I think people shouldn’t get so worked up on the idea of Stardoll fixing the vote, there was nothing anyone could have done in the first place. She was a worthy winner in the end.

Stardoll Official Blog:


There already a little comment debate and it looks like MSW will be returning in 2011. Oh joys.





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2 responses to “Miss Stardoll World Winner 2010- Perilice2

  1. Nerdyglassesx < stardoll name

    This was a fix lol when the finalists where announced she had the winners crown

  2. kristy

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant belive it
    congrats ;D

    vote me next miss stardoll wworld