Founder of Stardoll

This article talks about the story of Liisa Wrang, the creator of Stardoll. Amazing and astonishing. According to the article, her account is Hazurama

Look at this:

Real Life picture:

Stardoll Picture:

Does the Japanese paintings look familiar? ;).

On my long list of post ideas that I kept in a word document, I had one which was titles “No such thing as Liisa – Stardoll owner”. I actually thought Stardoll only created this mysterious figure of Liisa to give Stardoll a starting point instead of a cooperative company wanting to make money. It is a true Rags to Riches story, so inspirational.

In my head, when I still believed there was a Liisa – I thought it was a young struggling collage student but instead it was a 50 year old woman with 2 children, making ends meet. I hope her children are very proud of their mother and the amazing website she created.





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7 responses to “Founder of Stardoll

  1. I would think the INVENTOR of stardoll would have a better suite and more than 442 starpoints! Don’t you? Weird when Callie has like TONS of starpoints.

  2. Kiri J

    Maybe Liisa was the graphics designer and Callie did all the work? BTW- I prefer the korean Yuna.stardoll- she is waaaaaay more helpful -_-

  3. Marissa

    Umm…. I thought callie did made it…

    But..I Might not be right

    Add me!(:
    Im ryan_sheckler_8

  4. No, Callie is just one of the head staff of Stardoll.

  5. Anonymous

    Hmmm………i think liisa wrang is the founder of stardoll…..u cannot consider callie as she just a helper……..

  6. Anonymous

    lissa is the founder….i’m sure! people say it’s callie but she just does the little work of blogging and welcoming people on stardoll!

  7. Freakthechiks

    I do believe it’s here Callie.Stardol is just a staff