EsmeeM.’s Journey Throughout Stardoll


A website for dressing up dolls, meeting new friends around the world, and even having the chance to be someone so well-known throughout just one simple website? Stardoll is definitely one of those websites that I fell in love with instantly without a single hesitation of what’s to come. It all started on May 4, 2009, yes I started playing on Stardoll late to those that were already playing in 2004, but I’ve been through a lot while on Stardoll. I have to admit that I used to be one of those un-experienced beginners that would think that I had the best clothes and greatest sense of style ever compared to others. Looking back I would laugh at myself for what I was wearing and how I would try to fit in. But now I’m different from that and I dress better, but even though I dress better now I still don’t think that I’m the best. Other members that play on Stardoll such as the so-called “Elites” of Stardoll, which are just people who have been playing on Stardoll for the longest period of time, they’ve been through much more than most of us have had and they know what’s in and what’s out.

I have to admit that I have always wanted to be one of them and be someone who many people can look up to for fashion or advice but do I really deserve to have what they have when I only started playing on Stardoll for a short period of time? No, of course I don’t deserve it! I mean sure I’ve been a superstar and I have nice clothes but that doesn’t mean that I’m the best of the best because I’m still learning and that’s what many people out there are doing, they’re learning what having a sense of style actually means on Stardoll. It was never about having the best clothes, makeup, suite, and etc., though it helps, but it’s mainly about being your own person and being original, or even different from what people expect and think of as “Perfect” because let’s face it, No One Is Perfect. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a superstar or not because either way you’re not better than everyone no matter what you or anyone else thinks, everyone has their own special talent that not everyone can do. *I’m really sorry about this turning into a rant but I just need people to understand that you shouldn’t judge people for any reason because at the end of the day, it’s all just a game.*

Anyways, back to my own story here on Stardoll, which is the actually point of making this blog. But anyways, so I have actually been a superstar before not long after I started playing Stardoll and that was the happiest day of my life. I have to admit that being a superstar is a really different but fun experience. I was so excited that immediately after I got home I turned on my laptop and rushed it to open my internet browser just to type in my code. *In case you’re wondering, I used a pre-paid card for $25 and yes I know it was a lot of money but I was so young and naive that time to even care about how important money was at all.* At that moment when I became a superstar I just had to buy all the clothes, makeup, and just everything that I needed and of course I spent a lot of money but I did save some just for later on so that I still had some money to use. But of course as I said I was so young and naive and I spent all of my money and had to wait for my allowance to come so that I could get another 200 SD, but at least I had the 1 SD a day to help me get through Stardoll(Which I miss terribly and I rather have it than the current Play & Earn). *In case you don’t know, being a superstar you get an allowance, meaning that I got 200 SD every month that came with my pre-paid card. And No I Am Not Bragging About Being A Superstar For Those That May Think I Am.* Being a superstar was amazing but when it ended of course I was sad but at least I had the experience of being a superstar. And I still miss being a superstar sometimes especially now that Stardoll has made many things only for superstars.

I was in love with playing on Stardoll that I soon got addicted to having to play on it every single day, which I admit that I still do but I have a purpose to go on it now, but back then I would just go on it and I felt that I would have to change how my Medoll looked every couple of minutes. I felt that I needed to fit in because I was jealous of other people and how amazingly gorgeous their dolls were. You might think that being jealous of someone on a virtual game is silly but everyone gets jealous sometimes because we’re human and we feel that we need to find a way to get some attention. Is it wrong to be jealous? Isn’t it part of the human mind to want or need something? Isn’t that what we live for? For needs and wants? Well at least that is what I think. So now I’m jealous of people and what do I do about it you may be wondering? Change. Yes I changed my Medoll so that I could fit in with other people all because I was jealous. I’m not afraid to say that I was a poseur because all I ever wanted to do was to fit in and copy what other people were doing with their Medolls. And with my change came Stardoll’s change.

Stardoll was so different from what it is now and I’m actually kind of disappointed. I loved and grew up with what it looked like before but now everything is a bit confusing. Was it a good change? Well that’s a hard question because now it seems a bit more professional but I still miss the old layout because it was something that a lot of people grew up with and actually loved because everything was so simple. Pros: It’s more professional. Cons: It’s a bit confusing, I hate how the new emotions look, and it doesn’t feel like Stardoll anymore. Stardoll used to be so friendly and I guess you could say “Perfect” but now it’s filled with so much DramaHateful People, Scammers, andDisappointment. I wish that Stardoll would’ve never come to this but it did and now it just doesn’t seem right anymore. 😦

I never met anyone on Stardoll that has mistreated me or hated me for being who I am and I feel really fortunate that none of it has ever happened to me, well at least I hope it won’t happen. Over the many months of being a member of Stardoll I had a love for makeup and getting to experiment with many different styles. I was definitely inspired by many makeup gurus on Youtube that made me fascinated by applying makeup and how it’s not just about looking good with expensive brands but instead of how it can be turned into a form of art. I thought that maybe I could be one of them but I was scared of showing my face on a website where there are millions of people watching you so I thought of how I can transform the kind of makeup you use in real life and re-create it on something else. Now this is where I stumbled upon two amazing makeup gurus that does makeup but using the makeup on Stardoll and re-creating the looks on their Medolls and they of course are Lel1996 and MissClaire1994x. The most amazing people who I have seen on Stardoll that knows about makeup and what the “Do”s and “Don’t”s of makeup on Stardoll is. I was so inspired to make videos just like them and I have, I mean sure I don’t get a lot of views or as many subscribers as them but I know that someday I’ll make it to where they are now. And I really thank them so much and I really do appreciate what they do for people here on Stardoll. 🙂

My journey on Stardoll was amazing and sure I’m not as “Popular” or “Well-Known” as others but I’m okay with that because I’m better off being myself instead.


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