New Stardoll Store- Epiphany

I’m not really sure why they called this store Epiphany, really reminds me of Tiffany’s.

It’s very classic and chic with all the striking jewels and the whole simplicity of the store and items. My favourite items have to be the Hope and Taylor Burton Diamonds. The Hope diamond really reminds me of the necklace used in Titanic:

Although the Titanic’s necklace was called “Heart of the Ocean”.

The Hope Diamond does actually exist and it’s said to be cursed.

“According to stories, Tavernier stole the diamond from a Hindu temple where it had been set as one of two matching eyes of an idol, and the temple priests then laid a curse on whoever might possess the missing stone. Largely because the other blue diamond “eye” never surfaced, historians dismissed the fantastical story. Furthermore, the legend claimed that Tavernier died of fever soon after and that his body was torn apart by wolves, but the historical record shows that he actually lived to the age of 84.”

The diamond also was in possession of the French Royal Family before their downfall and the diamond has exchanged many hands. So strange how adults commit murder over pretty shiny things.

The Taylor Burton Diamond necklace also exists in real life, purchased by Richard Burton for his wife in 1969. The diamond itself is 69 carats

Just thought I’d give everyone a history lesson there, I just found those interesting while re-searching.

I only bought one item, which was the Diamond ring – since I have been looking for rings for such a long time. It’s very costly for one little pixel speck at 20 Stardollars but it comes in an amazing bag:




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One response to “New Stardoll Store- Epiphany

  1. Sterling/Mariahfan999

    Actually, they called it the heart diamond, so it is based off titanic. But at first they released it through “New Items” for 12S$ and they changed the prices, but I got a lot of stuff.

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