Italian Mafia on Stardoll 2010- Hoax or the Truth?

The whole of the Stardoll nation went in a frenzy after a bunch of “Elites” were “Hacked” by the Italian Mafia.

Old post I made about Italian Mafia in 2009:

Just to get some background story for all those who do not know what is meant by the Italian Mafia. In the month of March 2009, very well-known members were hacked simultaneously and lost all their precious rares. One of the hackers was from Italy, so someone nick-named the hackers the Italian Mafia. To me that was pretty childish, not to mention discriminating against Italian Stardoll users.

People came up with the idea that the hackers figured out the passwords by sending a Password Log hidden in a Friend Request. I don’t think you can embed such a code into a friend request without any codes appearing in front of the users. People were claiming that these friend requests were those which you would accept – such as:

“Hi, Love you Suite. Beautiful Medoll. 5/5 :)”.

I don’t believe that was true in anyway at all. There was no evidential proof of this at all.

Now a few well-known Stardoll users were hacked yesterday and this appeared on their presentations:

They didn’t steal any Rares or Stardollars, all they did was change their Medoll’s and presentations – which I thought was pretty strange. If you are a hacker then surely enough the aim of  it all is to receive something back from it. I’m not going to say that these people were looking for their “15 minutes of fame”, but at first it seemed that it may have been a publicity stunt or it was just all a joke.

Then on this Italian Mafia account there was a list of very well-known Stardoll users and they claimed they were either going to be hacked or deleted:

Stardoll's Italian Black Mafia's list

Suddenly – from nowhere- there were over twenty Italian Mafia accounts. Now when you search ItalianMafia on Search Friends, there is over 4 pages:

Also those are the only accounts that are females.

Not all these people are the same person or the same group of people. It’s like a snowball. Immature people think it will be funny to create their own ItalianMafia account to join in the parade and to scare others, when obviously they have no clue on how to hack themselves. To prove this:

(This snapshot was posted on Perez Hilton of Stardoll Blog by Blahm3. Her friend went undercover and pretended to be hacked and received these friend requests from ItalianMafia accounts).

Now I know the evidence I have shown seems like the whole thing is a hoax, well I was looking at some of the ItalianMafia accounts whilst I was not logged in and I seen Callie.Stardoll viewing their pages:

I never thought it was that serious. May be Stardoll was doing this to try to check up on any mysterious behaviours on accounts or just trying to calm down the situation. Think about it, if this was definitely serious then Stardoll would have taken drastic action against these accounts but they have done nothing and have not given out any warnings to anybody.

In my opinion, people are over-reacting. If any Mafia account threatens to hack you- they are just trying to make you feel vulnerable and scared. If you want to make sure that your account is safe, don’t view any mysterious links people send to you on Stardoll although tinypics are okay, don’t accept any friend requests and delete your Cookies and Internet browsing history often. I think if they are using a Password log, then every time you accept friend requests- immediately change your password.

UPDATE: Do not visit the Italian Mafia blog or Anonymous links on blogs. These are fitted with Tracking Cookies which helps the Hackers know your password. If you have visited the blog then delete all your Tracking Cookies and Internet Browsing data and change your Stardoll Password immediately.

People are making this out to be such a massive deal, although none of the “hacked” accounts had anything stolen, hadn’t been deleted and only the Medoll and presentation were changed. It’s just immature people online trying to give everyone a little scare.

Obviously I haven’t spoken about the other side of the story- from the people who have been hacked. Although according to one user who was hacked, the person from the ItalianMafia bribed the hacker to let people know it was the Mafia’s doing in exchange for gifts.



The first 2 pictures- credit goes to



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26 responses to “Italian Mafia on Stardoll 2010- Hoax or the Truth?

  1. I got hacked.

    The truth is THE MAFIA BLOG.

    Don’t go to it. It has a tracking cookie that stores your Password so the hacker can take it! If you go/ went onto it, you need to clear ALL your history and cookies for that day!

    Please, spread this around.

    Also, in blogs, you will find Anonymous users posting tinypics showing that they are hacked BUT the truth is this also has a tracking cookie!


  2. Oh my gosh, really? 0.0
    I have visited the blog myself but I remember changing my password afterward. I’ll be sure to update my post when I am on my laptop once again.
    Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Yeah :/
    I wish I knew sooner lol(:

    That’s a good one.

    AND I was thinking of a SUPER-Safe Password one(:
    There’s this site i use called:
    And I type my Password upside down so it’s virtually impossible to get (:

    Eg: choc-4128_lollies-_-stickykey :

    Safe As 😉

  4. I’ve updated the post, looks like lots of people are searching the Italian Mafia.
    That one post has received over 114 views in less than a day 0.0
    Wow great idea, are you sure it actually works? So if you typed your password in normal case it wouldn’t work?
    I actually might try that =L.

  5. Oh my god.
    I visited the site last night, and didn’t clear my cookies or history.
    I also changed my password, but I can’t remember if I did it afterwards. I’m hoping to god I did.
    I wouldn’t know what to do if hacked. Probably cry lol.

  6. I’d do it now, but I’m not on my computer and it’s 7:29am xP

  7. Don’t worry I visited the blog, I didn’t delete any of my cookies but I was never hacked.
    Just as long as you have changed your password it should be okay.
    I’ve looked at your Suite and everything is just the way as you left it so I’m sure everything will be fine.
    They only change the presentations and Medolls from what I’ve seen =S.

  8. Liz

    Yeah – I got pretty scared, But i think I remember changing my password afterwards, because I was thinking that having the same password for 2 years wasn’t good.
    I don’t think they’d get my password anyway, It would take a computer 9,571,860 nonillion years to get it, so I think I’m pretty safe. I was just thinking that I’d be pretty devastated to lose my account if I ever did :/

  9. Liz

    And thanks for checking my suite and blog, I really appreciate it 🙂

  10. chazyb

    Wow (: I’m on the recent visitors (:

  11. The reason why callie.stardoll visted them its becasue there new.

  12. Daisy(popcornDaisy)

    OMG!! I wnet onto the mafia’s blog but it wouldnt load! Im freaked out!!

  13. biancaroxx

    i went to the blog but i changed my password right away!!

  14. cloe7456

    i went to the blog and i stated to get scared a little but i new quick and speedy to change my password

  15. YaYa

    Why when i try looking them up on stardoll it does not work?

  16. Anonymus

    It’s not the real mafia it’s just some childinsh person that got sick of hearing about stardoll

  17. prinsessitamar

    i think now in ‘the stardoll dictionary’ the word ‘mafia’ is RUDE and we can’t find anyone with that name :/

  18. Duaa Duaa_99

    Woah! Just visited the blog! But I cleared my ENTIRE history and my password is letters & numbers! Thanks for telling me! 😀

    Xoxo, Duaa_99

  19. wow, very scary, interesting story.

  20. shewasonceit

    Aha, interesting post. I was wondering what was the story behind the Italian Mafia.

    I think Callie visited them because they were new, though. 🙂

  21. Anonymous

    oh my god!

  22. well now all mafia accounts are like 4 or 5 🙂

  23. MithiXXX

    Waw… :L I didn’t visit their blog.. just their accounts!

  24. @MithiXXX

    This was really quite a while ago and everyone (myself included) were easily fooled.
    Everyone’s accounts are safe and it was all just a hoax – even that website – set up by hooligans and people who love a cheap laugh.

  25. Christine

    Whats a mafia?

  26. @Christine

    I’m not positive on the exact dictionary definition, but I would say it’s like a gang usually associated with crimes.
    Although this was just a silly given name by bloggers more or less to give them a “fear factor”.

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