Free Limited Edition Pendants

If you have bought any item(s) from the recent three Limited Edition collections then you will have received 3 pendant charms as gifts from Stardoll Admin.

Surprisingly enough, my favourite pendant charm is the Purple Plaid one. Looking at these different patterns and styles, I hope Stardoll would bring out a Tartan collection but I think that is more of an Autumn/Winter collection idea.

There was a glitch this afternoon where people received several pendants:

(credit goes to Stardoll’s Most Wanted)

Members were given out multiple charms depending on how many items you bought from each collection. People either recycled them or sold them. There was a girl in Stardoll Royalty who told us that she sold a couple of her LE charms – as she received multiple charms – yet when Stardoll fixed the glitch she was left with none. In my eyes, that is completely unfair.

I think something went wrong in the Stardoll programme, it was supposed to have checked if you had bought any from previous collections and give you one charm yet instead it gave you a charm for each item you had bought from each collection.





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10 responses to “Free Limited Edition Pendants

  1. Chargergirlsky

    I didn’t get that.

  2. Did you buy any items from the LE collections?

  3. I got three of the LE pendants… com ever 1 got like 20 of em and i only got 2??? 😦 i dont think they are too rare but if i got loads of em i would be able to sell em and leave like 1 for myself…. i saw a girl who had 150 LE pendants… Maybe i only got two since i only bought 1 LE piece ……….. anyways i like them i wish i could collect em all…. please visit me im laurutemazute

  4. If you buy a piece of LE thru bazaaar Will u still fet the pendatns

  5. No I don’t think so =S. Sorry.

  6. I only get one but i buy them already 5 clothes…

  7. hola comro los colgantes LE pero a no mas de 15 sd cada uno si alguien tiene porfavor contactese con migo en stardoll mi nombre es melanie140star

  8. Anonymous

    This girl poohg_1993 on stardoll got the LE bandage dress free? I was like?????? She won’t tell me!

  9. Anonymous

    Will the pendants be given out for the newer collections? Or is it just those three collections?

  10. @anon

    Out of all the LE collection only about 5 collections gave out pendants and that was quite a while ago. However three pendants all came out at once so sometime in the future Stardoll might decide out to hand a few in one big go.

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