-Pop_Tart- has been hacked and I’m the one to blame? MissCarla90990.


My day just couldn’t get any better.

So I got a guestbook message, telling me that I somehow have been called a liar by someone who I have never met on Stardoll or ever spoken to. I went on the hacked person’s account and look what I saw:

You know whats so strange? I’ve never hacked anyone in my entire Stardoll life or online life, yet 2 times this week I’ve been accused of being a hacker (including this case). Well I wouldn’t really count the first case because that was just a misunderstanding.

I woke up at 2pm this afternoon, and I have to revise for my Chemistry Credit Prelim and finish preparing for my talk tomorrow, and now I have to deal with this rubbish.

I know it’s MissCarla90990, proof?


and here’s another


She hacked Victoria141’s account and has now used it to hack others on Stardoll. This Carla suffers from I-dont-know-where-I-live-or-how-old-I-am Syndrome. When I first met her -she offered me the employee code and tried to give me some accounts- She was 19 years old and from Great Britain. Then she moved to Australia and became 14 years old. Then she moved over to the other side of the world to the USA and became 15 years old.

That’s a lot of house and age hopping. Now she claims it was because her mother was “over-protective” online.

The blog has a lot of information about this Carla girl, I’m astounded that she hasn’t been deleted off of Stardoll yet.

I have no idea who is in possession of -Pop_Tart-‘s account, the hacker or the owner herself. But if anyone was to hack a blog, I think they would do more than pretending to be hacked by someone.

She’s only framing me because of this post I wrote  a couple of months ago:


You think these things will never happen to you and then suddenly you’re hit right in the stomach by it all. I’m getting sick and tired of Stardoll and the immature people within the game as the days go by.




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11 responses to “-Pop_Tart- has been hacked and I’m the one to blame? MissCarla90990.

  1. Chargergirlsky

    Omg? Seriously it’s just like you said in one of your latest blog, innocent people can get blamed! Wow… I can believe it! Wow I’m pretty sure this “MissCarla” girl is behind all of it? She probably is Jealous! Well just report her back? Idk if that will work but something needs to be done.

  2. She only hates me because I made that Hacker post about her a while ago.
    I’ve reported her so many times yet Stardoll still has done nothing about it -.-

  3. Lel, will you make a post about the so called “Italian Mafia?” I’d love to hear your opinion on it.
    Cause that shit sounds made up.

  4. Carla. Again. Dude, I am so over her. She hacks people, then blames some one who had nothing to do with it. I wish someone would hack her and delete all her accounts, because I swear I see something about her every day.

  5. L.

    I visited a lot of stardoll blogs today and more than a half of them were talking about this Carla.
    It looks like she a full-time hacker. It all started when her best friend became more popular. She got jealous and hacked her and it all started.
    She has hacked a lot of accounts through the time and still enjoys doing it.
    It seems she wants more attention.
    Well Carla, here it is. In the most unpleasant way possible. I just can’t stand people like her.
    I found out she’s just a 12 year old from UK trying to become and ”elite” of stardoll, like Keira-V and other famous members.
    And now, with all the blogs talking about her, some people are probably scared and afraid of losing their accounts.

  6. reneeangel1012@yahoo.com

    Hi Lel1996.Since you were talking about hackers..I decided to tell you something,that I’m pretty sure your probably aware of.There are these “italianmafia” people and I hear they can hack your account without a password..is there any word of advice?I’ve done everything I can to keep them away too.Locked my guest book,hidden all my clothes and locked all my rooms!Thanks for reading.

  7. Wow. She sounds like a low life.

    I have mixed feelings on this. I only feel sorry for people that have been hacked when they didn’t do anything wrong.. By that I mean didn’t let anyone in their account, didn’t share passwords, or anything like that. I won’t feel sorry for someone that would give someone else their password, and expect everything to go right. I’m not saying that everyone that lets people do that is dumb because their are some people that can be trusted, but I mean.. If you want pity when its your own fault then your not getting it from me.

    Anyways.. What is your opinion on the Italin Mafia. I feel sorry for people that have awesome accounts..

  8. Don’t worry about her. Obviously you don’t hack.

    I dislike this “Carla” girl because she made up that she had cancer, and that really upset me, as I know someone very close to me that has it.

    xoxo Rose_Jean

    P.S Who thinks she’s good for hacker of the year?

  9. I can completely understand what everyone has said, although what I find sickening about this was Carla pretended to have Bowel Cancer and -Pop-Tart- has been kept her account running for her cancer striken friend, whom they shared their account with. Yet Carla can still carry on with her sick crimes on Stardoll knowing these things? Does she not have a conscious?

    Nobody has lost their account to the “Mafia” they just changed their Medolls and presentations- from what I’ve seen.

  10. Carla really needs to wake up and realize that she is actually hurting people. I mean, sure, she can sit behind her computer like a barrier and think it’s ok to do these things, but the people on the other end get hurt, because she takes something of theirs, even if it is just an account. These things can be really significant to people, yet she’s going around like it’s no big deal, just hacking who she feels like.
    She needs to wake up and smell the roses, because I am really starting to get pissed off at what she’s doing to all these people.

  11. SparklyIloveme

    if you look on Victoris.x9’s account now you can see -Pop_Tart- has been hacked again as it says ‘Personally, I believe Carla. She’s not a hacker’ coming from somebody who has been hacked its a bit odd dont you think??