L’Occitane Starplaza Store- Strange Happenings on Stardoll . .

UPDATE: This is so strange.

I was using a Swedish Manual Proxy to see their Narnia Advent Calendar. I switched off the manual proxy and I guess my Stardoll was stuck on the Swedish version which is why I saw the L’occitane store. I did switch off my Proxy settings, so I was so self assured that I was in the UK version of Stardoll. The proxy couldn’t have still been on as usually Manual Proxies are terribly slow. I guess I just had to log off and log back in. Sorry for the misleading post – I only figured out I was on the Swedish version when there were Swedish advertisements around Stardoll and the National Covergirl was from Sweden.

The L’occitane store was only available to Sweden users but now Stardoll has made it available to the UK and may be the whole of Stardoll. Le Specs has also been given its own store. This is a great update as it is such a pain just using a link to find the items in your dresser.

I’m not too keen on the eye-shadows, simply because they’re not good for blending and sometimes it seems like they are not there at all. I love the brushes that appear when you are applying the lipstick, eye-shadow and blush. The Peony Blush is definitely my favourite item.





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3 responses to “L’Occitane Starplaza Store- Strange Happenings on Stardoll . .

  1. Chargergirlsky

    Its not availabe for the U.S.A. server 😦

  2. I think you need a Swedish manual proxy =S.

  3. Endrina

    How do you get the Manual Proxy?!?! I can’t figure it out!

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