Stardoll Apology

Is Stardoll testing out a new automated system? I hope not.

UPDATE: I’ve just re-read the message, I think they meant testing the report system. Silly me xD. Will this mean there will be more justice on Stardoll? Hackers and Scammers will go down? I wish Stardoll had this file importer when you are reporting someone, where you could send a tinypic snapshots of evidence and Stardoll could check up on it.

I wonder why they wrote in the first person “I am sorry for the mistake . .”. Is that for the message to seem more handwritten and personal? Does Stardoll finally want to communicate properly with their users? Have they employed staff to actually reply to these messages?

Usually they end the message with:

Your’s Truly

Stardoll Staff

Although on this message they didn’t, very strange indeed. I am very thankful for their apology, after I sent them a little rant showing them snapshots of my horrible chat conversation with the hacker.

I know this isn’t the first time Stardoll have sent a message out like this, on Lizluz’s blog:

She received what looks like a non-automated message too:

I wonder if everyone is receiving these “new” hand-written messages. I’ll just write to Stardoll with a random question to check ;).




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One response to “Stardoll Apology

  1. Liz

    You featured me in your blog? ZOMG.
    *dies again*
    Hehe thank you, hopefully I might get 7 views today xD. No but I really do appreciate it, and hopefully Stardoll will soon have a system where they actually HELP people, you know, like they’re supposed to :P.

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