Free Kixx Guitar- Where did the other string go?

The majority of Guitar’s have 6 strings, yet as you can see there is only 4 strings which makes it seem like a Bass. Weirdly enough they have only 4 tuning pegs yet 5 strings at the top- where did the last string go? You can actually get 5 string basses and guitars.

And don’t say the white lines are the fret bars, because they do not go all the way down the amplifier pick-ups.

Sorry this just annoyed me, I play the Bass and Stardoll should really deal with these things more accurately and stop making strings disappear.

I’ll post how to get the freebie later.





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2 responses to “Free Kixx Guitar- Where did the other string go?

  1. Liz

    Mm, I play guitar (although I was thinking of playing Bass lol). This is just weird. It’s not that it’s wrong or anything, because I guess there can be 5 sting basses, but the people that create these things must not be able to count xD

  2. Just shows how lazy Stardoll are getting with the graphics.
    It just annoyed me slightly, 4 tuning pegs yet what looks like 5 strings. Then you look closer there’s only 4 strings.

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