How much I detest Stardoll Chat

I know I’ve mentioned this several times on the blog, but when will Stardoll ever update Chat?

I don’t mind talking to people, but it’s just when I am in a bad mood in which I don’t feel like talking or I am busy with something like recording a Youtube video, then I start feeling so much hatred towards Stardoll and their silly little chat box.

I even go to the lengths of disconnecting my internet when I am recording a tutorial since some people do understand “Sorry I cannot talk at the moment since I’m recording a Youtube video. I’ll talk in 10 minutes”. Suddenly when I’m almost finished the Chat box appears on my recording area with somebody asking me if I’m finished or not, which ruins my recording and I have to start again.

If they created an off/on button then I would be happy. They previously had a Chat on/off feature before the Big Makeover, so I don’t see how they can’t create one now.

And then you get absolute nutters trying to talk to you on Chat. This seriously happened while I was starting this post:

(click to enlarge)

If you got confused then I’ll explain. Her friend/sister (I have no idea) sent me that girl’s (who has been hacked) password this morning and asked if I could give her a Suite Makeover. I declined as I need the owner of the account’s permission before I change anything – it’s my policy. I didn’t talk to her friend/sister after that. Then she stroke up the conversation with me first and it’s quite obvious she knew who the other girl was (the friend/sister) when she mentioned that she was her sister. Usually why you are unfamiliar with someone you reply “Who?”. So I am contemplating whether it is her sister/friend who is hacking her, or herself to seek attention or someone else altogether.

I’m sure I’ve given both girl’s Suite Makeovers before. I strictly remember them and she never used to type so atrociously. Since when did typing long-hand symbolised being posh? Just because someone wants to actually sound their own age instead of an uneducated 9 year-old that doesn’t make them “posh”. I can understand why you would use text speak in a long Guestbook comment or using your Mobile Phone due to the character limit, but with Chat you can type as much as you want and there’s not much of that kind of urgency to forget your vowels and spelling lessons you spent with your teachers since the early age of five.

Agh well, that’s what you get by sharing passwords with people. I hope she gets her account back somehow. I was thinking about saving her account since her friend/sister told me her password but I don’t even remember what it was.

Anyways back to the subject, I actually prefer Guestbook commenting rather than chatting. With chatting if I don’t reply in under 2 minutes, my chat will be spammed with:

User-name101: Lel where r u?

User-name101: hello

User-name: r u there????

User-name101: ????????????????????????????????????????????

User-name101: bwhfbdiflbsedfbjudbasdhkadbjaksjf aksda

User-name101: fine ignore me

User-name101: helllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo

User-name101: U b****

Lel1996: I said I was Be right back a minute ago? -.-

I somehow wish there was an Away/Busy status. But altogether an off/on feature for chat. Also with Guestbook comments there is no urgency and I can play a game whilst on another Chrome Tab- reply to my messages.

There was a discussion on Stardoll Royalty recently and the girls were talking about being labelled snobby just because of the Diamond and not answering messages. I’ve had this before, people telling me they thought I’d be snobby and thinking I’m above all, which I find strange. Any way some girl was calling names to this Royalty member because she wouldn’t answer her chat messages and an argument was escalating.  I don’t see how not replying to your Chat messages is snobby. Sometimes people don’t feel like talking, are away from the screen or they are too busy to chat.

We are all human beings, we have emotions and things to do. We can’t all just sit there and smile and be polite 24/7.

I also hate this about when talking to people on Chat. When someone strikes up a conversation every time I am online and it always goes no where and they keep asking me the same bloody thing:

User-name2: Hi

Lel1996: Hii

User-name2: what u wanna talk about

Lel1996: I don’t know?

. . . . .

They keep introducing new topics but I don’t even know them that well and it just dies down and they keep asking me what I want to talk about! Ugh it irritates me because they are exactly like the example above this, if I don’t reply they’ll spam up my Chat boxes.

On weekends I find it very difficult to keep on with Chat messages. When you have over 180 friends online and over 10 people want to talk to you, it can be very difficult to deal with.

I used to always criticise those who did not accept blank requests, but with Chat now I can see why they do so. Randomers just talking to you on Chat 24/7.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like talking to people but Chat irritates me on so many levels and what is more annoying about it is that Stardoll is more focussed on offering us brand new Superstar membership and Stardollar deals than our welfare online.

So to answer the question of this post, How much I detest Stardoll Chat? It’s a lot.





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22 responses to “How much I detest Stardoll Chat

  1. MEDDO2

    I liked the dress I want to take it

  2. MEDDO2

    I want this dress I’m taking it

  3. Laurenhorse

    Naughty Lel, tut tut tut saying Bloody,, JK!

  4. Eesh! Stardoll must get so many complaints everyday about Chat! Well what I just do is go through and delete the randoms I never talk to, or the ones who are mean, or are something else annyoing (lel that means you should delete me of your freinds Im annyoing) I need to do that actually my “freinds” are stockpiling up.

  5. @MEDDO2

    I’m not sure on which dress you are talking about . . I’d would help if I knew.


    Haha, I was pretty frustrated when I wrote this post back in November =P
    I hope people can forgive for using such foul language hehe.


    That actually sounds like a good plan, although it may take some time because I have over 20 Pages of friends O.O
    The majority of people are lovely to talk to, I just have my ups and downs and moods every single day of the week xD.
    You’re not annoying at all D:

  6. @lel no no no ! im just silly little girl btw it might be worth taking the time to do it

  7. Sara

    I don’t exactly remember the on/off chat, but I wish it would return.
    I have so many people wanting to talk and it’s just annoying. people all talking at once really annoys me. If I’m talking with a good Stardoll friend then I don’t mind… but when it’s a bunch of randoms well then it’s time to delcare to quit using chat and type a big long email to Stardoll,

  8. shannay

    woah some people don,t understand the idea of busy when ur filming and stuff that must be annoying so glad when i do my recordings i don,t have so many people on chat that annoy me lol i luv ur videos there awsum as well as ur blog

  9. Ohhh Gosh :L I Have This Problem All The Time! I Find The Best Thing To Do Whilst Recording Is Have 2 Stardoll Tabs One On Chat And One On BeautyParlour (Disconnected One) And Then Reply To Your Chat After! (: But I Agree, Its Annoying, Ive Emailed Stardoll So Many Times But They Want Use To ‘Make Friends And Be Nice o Each Other’ How Can I Be Nice If They Are Doing My Head In? I Dont Usually Reply If Im Busy Or Not In The Mood, But If Someone Wont Answer You Then Leave Them Alone! I Had A Situation When They Would Type Random Things To Get My Attention. I Wish There Were No 5 Year Old Brats On Stardoll :L I Mean I Like Younger Generations But As Long As They Dont Annoy Me, We All Need Abit Of Personal Space Or Free Time But They Need And Offline Button Like Face Book (:

    ~Xian (: x

  10. im trying see my chat room stardoll but i cant i need talked to the boss right now

  11. i would talk about chat but i can’t get on stardoll the websites being a bloddy female dogg can any body help with a email adress to compalin to ?

  12. idk where the chat button is? plz give me an answer

  13. Annonymuos

    I understand.. but I mean somepeople are like this. they are very demanding, like they want their response right after you sent it. -.-*

  14. k d

    I would be really annoyed there are too many creeps out in this world. They should have and on and off buttton for those who don’t like it and have a lot of popularity in the stardoll world. I personally love stardoll, me not being that “popular” but have a good amount of visitors. Get annoyed with the friends who keep asking me to talk and who keep asking to suite chat for my sake please stop asking me!! If i dont wanna talk then why do u even bother? Really people need to have more common sense, if someone is not replying to your chat, thats a hint THEY DONT WANNA TALK TO U. Also having creeps , telling u stuff you may not wanna hear is kinda gross, aggitating also. Stardoll kinda scared sometimes. How people make their avatars , how they act and speak is ughhhh. i have A LOT more to say but, for now this is it..

  15. Oh deary me this is quite an old post :L I’m actually quite shocked at the immature comments I made in the post. My views have changed a bit from writing this, but I agree with the most part of your comment. I don’t think “popular” people should get special treatment by being awarded a special button – because they can simply combat the problem by not accepting certain friend requests or removing friends. Thankfully these days we now have the report button within the Chat feature!
    As the anon said above some people can be very demanding for any sort of response – a little too demanding. I do agree, however sometimes a person can be quiet/not send a response because they might actually have another internet tab open, away from screen or are just busy. But yeah, usually if in a conversation if the other sends really slow and short replies most people would get the hint they don’t want to talk.

  16. k d

    OMG.I though you abandoned this blog. Anyway I was wondering why haven’t you been on stardoll for a while? I would love to buy your rares if you dont mine. Some of the things you have i been looking for. I mean if you dont want to sell them its ok. Im just wondering. Though please make more youtube tutorials and come back to stardoll I love the creative ways you make your avatar.

  17. k d

    Also if you want to know my username just ask.

  18. @kd

    I did state in April that I was taking a break from Stardoll because of my exams x)
    My laptop is broken and I don’t know when it can get fixed or when I can get a new one so it’s going to take some time until I’m officially back.
    I’m really sorry but they’re not up for sale. I hope you find someone else who is willing to sell 🙂

  19. k d

    @Lelly Oh ok. Hope you are able to get your laptop fixed

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