New Sunny Bunny Kloz Shop and Accessory Floor- Make-up for Non-SS!

To Visiti Sunny Bunny:

To Visit Sunny Bunny Kloz:

There is finally “Make-up” for Non-Superstars and the majority of accessory items are for Non-Superstars as well and can be easily bought using Play & Earn. I love the new eye-lashes, perfect for extravagant make-up and I hope to include them into a few tutorials. I’m not sure if I could create a make-up tutorial based around the eye-shadow but we’ll see ;). I love the bow accessories so much and jewellery is beautiful, a lot better than the previous collections.

Now about the clothes . . . What was Stardoll thinking? I thought Sunny Bunny was meant to be inspired by Lolita style? This is just blehh . . . The only things I bought from the clothes store were the 2 pairs of Knee High Socks. The wigs are perfect, although I am not going to buy them until Stardoll has figured out the glitch as the wigs are far too small.

So Stardoll, fix the glitch and add the Lolita floor- then we’ll all be happy.





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7 responses to “New Sunny Bunny Kloz Shop and Accessory Floor- Make-up for Non-SS!

  1. Oh gosh, the clothing is like pixel
    vomit 0_o. I have no idea how that really has anything to do with Japanese fashion, let alone the whole store. And yeah, that wig glitch is weird :/

  2. Although I think the owl top/dress/whateverthehellitis is decent, probably the best piece of clothing in the shop lol.

  3. The wigs are fixed now.

    xoxo Rose_Jean

  4. Pixel vomit lol =L.
    They said on twitter more clothes will be coming soon, thank gosh.
    Yeah I have to agree with you there, is it quite nice but the other clothes look just like they could be in Bisou or Tingeling.

  5. Yeah, pixel vomit. I think that describes the majority of the store well xD.
    But seriously, you’d think the Sunny Bunny Clothes (I refuse to spell it “kloz” lol, it annoys me xD) would tie into the jewellery a bit more and they’d suit each other. But they don’t. And it’s weird. They just don’t suit the theme at all I think.

  6. Jessica

    I was really disapointed by sunny bunny kloz too. I love the accessories, they look really inspired by lolita and other Jappenese styles but the kloz UGH I don’t even know what style the style they are supposed to be. The only thing I likes out of the kloz store were the sheer stocking and the wigs (which sadly were superstar only) everything else was Mori girl gone bad. to stardoll ADD A SWEET LOLITA (or “sweet lola”if thats what you would prefer to call it) FLOOR!

  7. Anonymous

    You guys know what? I happen to LOVE those clothes! They’re so cute! And you can find me wearing them any day!

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