Behind the Scenes of Lel1996’s Youtube Videos

Before I begin to start this post, I want to make it clear that this is not a Guide. This is just something I want to show my subscribers, letting them know all the effort and time I spend creating my tutorials every week.

Please do not ask me any technology questions or what programmes I use. I already get that enough on Youtube. I switch between editors and programmes a lot so I can never give a straight answer to that question.

I don’t believe that copying is the answer, I get lots of questions everyday on where I get my openings, editors, hypercam, high quality videos, other programmes, different software etc. but I think people should find their own way on how to create their videos instead of following others.

For example, I believe that nearly all the well-known Stardoll Make-up Artists on Youtube have their own unique style of showing their tutorials. MissClaire1994x uses simple slide-show videos whilst StardollConfidential doesn’t need any subtitles or anything of the sort, her tutorials are very easy to follow without extra notes.

I really dislike it when I find another tutorial that is very similar to mines or 2 days after I post my tutorial somehow has the same basic idea as mines. I can understand if it’s something like Halloween but it gets on my nerves. Majority of the time, I create a random look on my Medoll although sometimes I will use an Inspiration or two (which I will always credit in the video). I work very hard on my Beauty Parlor trying to create unique looks on my Medoll and spend hours editing, but someone who’s copied my concept afterwards without permission? It irritates me deeply.

Sorry for that little rant there, editing hours get me moody.

I used different snapshots from different tutorials as for every tutorial I usually use the same editing.

Step 1- Create the Medoll

It depends on the tutorial on whether or not I change features. The snapshot above was for my Disney Princess tutorial. When it is a celebrity tutorial then I will always try to re-create their face into my Medoll Editor but if it’s something like my Easy Autumn tutorial, I’ll just keep my Medoll the way it is. Sometimes I’ll change a few features like the lips or nose, just to show people that you do not need to exactly copy my Medoll when re-creating the look. I found it very difficult on creating faces for Disney Princesses and there was six different looks, so for that tutorial it probably took 10 minutes each (although for some of the Princesses I just changed my eye-colour and lips, which doesn’t take long).

Step 2- Creating the Make-up Look

This is probably the longest part of creating my videos – although it can be the shortest. If I have created the make-up look beforehand then it’ll probably only take 5 minutes to re-create. If I am pushing myself to create a make-up look, this can take between 1 hour or 3. I’ll probably re-do the make-up look two or three times to make sure I can record it flawlessly and so I know what I’m doing. Sometimes I’ll have an inspiration in my head, such as the title of the video or some picture references but other times it’s just me mucking about on my Editor, and afterwards I’ll add an inspiration to the Video just to make it look all professional 😉 i.e. My Classic Vampire Look.

Step 3- Recording

Beginning to Record
Recording in Process

It depends on what style of tutorial I am trying to create. If it’s a slide-show with video, then I’ll create up 8 different recordings. If it’s just with subtitles, then it’ll just be one long recording. I’ll watch all the clips and decide whether I am happy or not with the outcome, if not I’ll delete the files and start all over again. Sometimes I will be unhappy with the make-up itself and how it shows on-screen so I’ll go right back to Step 2.

Step 4- In Video Editor and Creating the Opening

This is a very short procedure. Usually I’ll have a video clip or two on my old memory stick that I will use for the video. I’ll then place the title in a text box and place it over the layer with the video. On occasions I will have opening music, so I’ll have to cut that music section down, but if I keep the music carrying on to the video tutorial I’ll just leave it be.

Step 5- Choosing the Music and Photoshop


I don’t have any snapshots of me in my Photoshop (I will update it on a later date).

If I have several Inspirations I’ll paste all the pictures onto Photoshop and add text, it takes longer than it sounds. Choosing music can sometimes be a difficult task. I need to make sure it isn’t heavily copyrighted by Youtube or else my video will get deleted i.e My Decades Tutorial. For my Decades tutorial I would find a famous song from that decade and place it together with the make-up look. For other tutorials it might have some kind of theme towards it, all my Halloween tutorials had themed music, Pirate- Pirate Song and Vampire- Vampire Knight Theme Song etc. or sometimes it is just one of my favourite songs. I usually try to find something that has the same theme of the make-up tutorial but it can be tricky.

Step 5- Placing the Video Clip into Editor. Shortening and Speeding Up.

The horizontal green thin line is how much I speed up my video clip. Usually I speed up my video clip by playing around with the settings on Hypercam (My Screen Recorder) but on occasions, the video can be far too long or too fast so I’ll speed it up or slow it down. Once I have sped up the clip, my Video Editor does not shorten the clip so I have to find out the exact point in which the clip skips back to the beginning and shorten the clip down.

Step 6- Subtitles or Notes

My favourite part! Not.

This is the longest process of the video, especially if I am creating subtitles. So let us compare.

I prefer creating Notes although if it is a lengthy video I choose not to as it will make the video even longer! I’ll use notes if any steps of the video are difficult or if the video clip is far too short on its own and it needs something there to lengthen the video time. It’s a helluva lot simpler than subtitles. If I know I am going to create this style of tutorial then I’ll have over 8 different recordings, which makes my job a lot easier. I’ll just find a simple background (not a complicated background in which you cannot see the text) and in the next layer I’ll paste in the text describing the next video clip.

Creating the Subtitle

Now I am going to show the steps in which it takes me to create one subtitle.

I have to find the correct place to place the subtitle, which usually means watching a small section of the video clip over and over again, until I can pinpoint the exact moment the action takes place. Then finally once I have found it, on the above layer I’ll add type out my subtitle. Then I have to find a suitable text and find a correct size. Sadly I cannot change the default settings, every time I click on the text Arial in size 72 appears every time so I have to repeat the changing of font and size on every single subtitle.

This is where I place my subtitles and they usually appear in the middle of the screen, so on every subtitle I have to drag it to the bottom section of the video clip.

After I have found the correct placement for the text I’ll have to change its colour to make it more noticeable on the background. The default colour is always White so for the majority of the time, I have to find the correct colour. After that ordeal I have to choose the Shadow and Outline (defaults are Yellow and Black in which I always have to change it). This is so tiring, especially if I have to create a Red text, Orange Shadow and Pink Outline or something along those lines.

Afterwards I’ll have to watch the small section of the clip all over again and find out when the action disappears, find the exact time location then shorten the subtitles length. I will repeat these actions several times, depending on which video and this is why I was driven to the point of insanity on my Disney Princess tutorials:

All those little boxes/lines are individual subtitles that I had to create in one video.

Some troll may say to me:

“If you hate it that much then don’t do it”.

(Bad spelling in grammar not included)

Well I go through all that hell to make everything look sleek and professional and also I think it helps people more to understand what make-up I am applying and how it should be done. When I look back on my Disney Princesses I am very proud of myself and I know that I did my best. If I took the easy route then I wouldn’t feel that sense of achievement afterwards and I want to post videos on Youtube that I’m extremely happy with.

This procedure usually takes an hour or two (30 minutes if it’s a slide-show and I use Notes). For my Disney Princesses tutorial it took 3-4 hours.

Ha, I actually feel like timing myself on how long it takes to create one subtitle.

Step 7- Create the Ending Sequence

Picture will be added in later


This doesn’t take long, same principle as my Opening. Find Video Clip, Apply Text Over and then add another ending text to remind people to Comment, Rate and Subscribe. Sometimes I’ll add a clip of the previous tutorial so that when it has upload on to Youtube I can add an annotation so people can watch my previous videos when waiting for my next tutorial.

Step 8- Check over

Picture will be added in later

I have to make sure that every subtitle is where it should be, the video clips are the perfect length and do not cut off in precise moments. Also to make sure there are no spelling errors, if the subtitles have Green Text then I have to check all the subtitles are green and not one is left out. During some occasions I can get pretty lazy and not do a check over i.e. Disney Princess tutorial – where I have one subtitle in the centre of the screen and you cannot see the action. Ever since that episode I double-check everything is okay and then I am ready to Render/Publish.

Step 9- Rendering/Publishing

Yes those number are correct, on my Disney video I had to wait over 20 hours for my Video project to turn into a Video file. Sad thing was, that it only rendered a part of my video (every princess except Cinderella at the beginning) so I had to start the process all over again

It only usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to render a video, but if I want High Quality or HD it takes a lot longer. It took nearly a day for my Disney Princess video to render due to the fact there was 6 different video clips, 7 different songs and I don’t know how many subtitles – but that would take a lot of time to turn those files into one.

After the rendering process is finished, if the video file is far too large I’ll have to compress the file which only takes around 10-25 minutes.

Step 10- Upload to Youtube

Picture will be added in later

I’ll watch the video over a couple of times to make sure everything has compressed together finely. For the video to load on to Youtube it takes 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the file size. In this time I type the description, title, tags etc. and I’ll just leave my laptop be. It lags so much when it’s uploading on to Youtube so I won’t bother multi-tasking whilst it is uploading.

Step 11- Update Stardoll Blog. Add to playlist. Add Annotations. Treat Myself

Picture will be added in later

Once the video has finally uploaded I will post the video onto this Blog, add it to my make-up playlist and add any annotations. If it is an afternoon or morning I will get my first comment in a matter of minutes so I’ll reply to comments as well. After this entire ordeal I will make myself a nice cup of Hot Chocolate, shut down my laptop (It needs a good rest), fetch some Chocolate Digestives and eat to my heart’s content. Usually if it’s summer I’ll go to Costas and get a Mango Frescato (Ice crushed with Mango juice)or fetch some Haagen Dazs from the freezer.

If it is a short video then I’ll create the entire thing in one sitting, but if it’s something like my Disney Princesses tutorial – I’ll span it out over a couple of days. Sometimes I create the make-up looks and record on the day beforehand although I did this for my Northern lights tutorial and decided I didn’t like it so I went back to Step 2.

I do enjoy creating my videos, it’s something that I like doing in my spare-time. It gives me something to do when I’m bored and I’m helping people along the way. On my older videos I didn’t do any editing at all, then I started adding music and when I reached my Simple/Cheap Make-up tutorial, I started editing properly and I guess I’ve got into the habit now.

I will be making a guide may be at the end of the year on my blog but it will be nothing like what I’ve written up above. I’ll just be using Windows Movie Maker, but showing you tips on how to get a good quality video and effects you can use.






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4 responses to “Behind the Scenes of Lel1996’s Youtube Videos

  1. Anonymous

    nice i sorry but i have to ask what type of editing program do you use i now u would be mad but windows movie maker isnt working for me if u dont answer i will understand why

  2. Wow, thank you for mentioning my video in your intro. I don’t mind helping you out because I know a way to quickly upload everything and make into a video format. It’s really confusing, but I’ve watched many videos on it and maybe I could help you out?

    ..I just found out this method, so my steps are pretty sketchy. I’m sure it can help you out some way..

  3. anonymous

    You do a great job with your videos! I am thankful for all the time you put in.

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