My Stardoll Life- By EssRox

I’m going to begin to start posting all the competition entries now by starting with EssRox’s article.

After I have posted all the articles over the following weeks, I will create a Poll for people to vote on which article they enjoyed reading the most.

Good luck everybody!





It was just a normal day one September day in 2009. It was the 2nd of the month and I had nothing to do like usual. Unlike most people, that year was the first time I had internet access at home. My parents thought it was dangerous so they wouldn’t let me have it. I convinced them to get it because I was in High School and I needed it for assignments.
I was on my favourite website on that day called WikiAnswers and I let my imagination run wild because I wanted to see some awesome websites on the net. I was 14 at the time and I loved dress up games because I was very creative. I googled Paper Doll Dress ups and clicked on a link called Instantly I was overwhelmed by the pink of the screen because I wasn’t a fan of it. I had heard of this website before because I used to go on it but when I went on it, it was called Paper Doll Heaven.

I knew my parents would never let me join if I asked so I created one without telling them. When it came to the time of picking my username I couldn’t think of one. I decided to use my WikiAnswers name Essondon but it was already taken. I then decided to use the name EssRox to show my love for my favourite AFL football team called Essendon.
I was addicted to Stardoll for about 3 months until in December of that year I got bored with it again so I stopped going on. I was off Stardoll for about 2 months before I logged back on in January of 2010. I fell in love again and I decided that I wanted to earn more Starpoints to get more Starpoint rewards and new hairstyles. I would Google Starpoint rewards to see what I would get so that I would try harder. I wanted the 4000 Starpoint hair style so I decided I’d log on every day to earn enough to get that style.

I had made friends during the time I had been on Stardoll. Most whom I added talked to me once and that was it. Eventually, a girl named Lara (I won’t say her username) added me and we became best of friends. (In October 2010, she blocked me and accused me of being a snob all because I wasn’t talking to her on chat).

In March I created a club called Freebies_Galore and I would post free things in there. Sadly, stardoll deleted it in November because it was “inappropriate for stardoll”. I had over 2300 members. Here are the messages I received:

I also decided to turn my album into a Magazine called Pearl. I decided to create a club called Pearl_Magazine for model auditions. In September I deleted the club as well as the idea of the album because I was getting bored with Stardoll. I had over 200 members.

In April, May and June I quit Stardoll for a while because Year 8 was getting difficult. In July I decided to come back on and I was shocked when I found out that Stardoll were having a BIG MAKEOVER for 2010. I read about it and I was a bit excited as well as a bit nervous because I was used to how it was.

One day all of a sudden, this message popped up:

The background looked so different and I knew that they were doing the makeover. After about 3 or 4 hours the makeover was done and I was startled. I didn’t like it. Everything was messed up. I didn’t know where anything was. My Presentation was messed up, my Guestbook was strange, every time I got a new chat message the page for fly up. I hated it. Eventually I got used to it and began to like it more.

I had been wanting to be a Superstar for a bit and one day in August a pop up came and allowed me to be Superstar for 1 month for only $2! I automatically did it and I was so happy! I bought makeup, used SS hairstyles and my Starpoints went up and up and up! I looked through the Starbaazar and saw people prices. I thought it was ridiculous. The price that people pay for these things is stupid. I would rather buy the real thing. All these rare, DNKY Scuba dresses, LE and Antidote is over-rated in my opinion.

When I would see Covergirl I would always think how stupid it was. People spend hundreds and thousands of Stardollars (and you have to buy them with REAL money) just to get a trophy, publicity and a small prize of 25sd. I think it’s a stupid idea. People only win because they broadcast a lot and bribe. I don’t think that it is fair that people who deserve it don’t win. In the end, the person with the most Stardollars wins.

Eventually, my Superstar membership ran out and I met a really cool girl on Stardoll named Carla who made me SS twice! I was so happy so we began best friends. (Only until recently, I found some disturbing information about her and I’m not sure what to believe about people on the internet anymore).

I became Superstar later on again when my subscription ran out with the help of a website called and I was ecstatic!

In September I started making presentations and designing things. I also created a blog, started making graphics and began to make good profits. In that month, I had racked up just over 2000 Starpoints and I realised I was half-way there ’til I got my 4000 Starpoint hairstyle. I was so proud of myself!

In October I began noticing that Stardoll were becoming greedy because the prices for SS memberships were increasing. I sent messages to them and I kept receiving messages about them needing to make a profit because otherwise the site would not exist. In the end, I realised that there was a reason for having non-superstars and Superstars and it was for the greater good of Stardoll.

Now it’s November and I’m excited about what’s to come. Looking back at all the things I have done is a great thing. If I didn’t go on Stardoll, I wouldn’t have started to make graphics, design and draw more and keep up-to-date with all the latest celeb news and gossip.

There’s always been ups and downs but in the end you get there and it’s the most amazing feeling ever!





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8 responses to “My Stardoll Life- By EssRox

  1. Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Sunberry1918

    there are heaps of clubs with free stuff and they dont get deleted

    (somebody prob reported)

  3. Sterling/Mariahfan999

    I agree with the SS prices and the LE being overrated. I personally have been sucked in to the need for having rares, but now I just buy a few items from the collections and I only want/trade/buy Chanel LE items for my Chanel collection. It’s really difficult to break that “addiction.” But I loved this post and I’ve had a similar experience on Stardoll as you, and I really enjoyed reading this post.

  4. I agree with you. I’m pretty sure someone reported my club. At first I really wanted rares and LE/Antidote but I guess I found it pointless to top up to purchase something virtually when I can buy more things in real life than the cost of one item.

    I’m glad you liked it 😀

  5. anonymous

    Oooo, I would have been so mad if Stardoll did a thing like that to me! I would leave. Deleting me club, they have no right! It was no full of “scams” and “cheats”

  6. Anonymous

    Hey Lel, I was wondering when you are going to upload the other contest entries?

  7. Hopefully 2 this weekend. One today and another tomorrow.

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