Stardoll Royalty – More than just Year Superstar?

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Hi Lel1996,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

We have created the Stardoll Royalty Club as a way to show our appreciation and give something back to our most active and loyal users. Invitations are automatically generated by Stardoll and sent to long-term members who have been notable for their activity and creativity on the site. To receive an invitation to the Stardoll Royalty Club you need to keep playing, upgrade to Superstar and build a user profile that will enable you to join this exclusive club!

Royalty members have a platinum frame around their picture and a diamond star marking their senior status.

Is Stardoll trying to glamorize Stardoll Royalty or are they speaking the truth? When I read “You need to keep playing”, I thought they meant “You need to keep paying”.

I’ve spoken to a couple of people who say they have been Superstar for over a year yet have not received an invitation as of yet. So you need to be a long-term member, be an active user and become a Superstar and be notable for either your creativity or activity on the site? When I first read the mail message I seriously thought Stardoll was just trying to make “Be a Superstar for over a year or buy a Year’s membership and join Stardoll Royalty” more glamorous.

I’m curious to find someone who has just recently bought a year’s membership and to see whether or not they have yet become a member of Stardoll Royalty.





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32 responses to “Stardoll Royalty – More than just Year Superstar?

  1. Lel!!!! Hi… Well i got to tell you something. I have been On every day
    and still don’t I deserve something!!!!
    My computer has to have antvirus so much because I go to this website so much.
    Please tell something to the stardollSTAFF so that I can at least be a royalty member!! please answer on meassages!!!

  2. I think Stardoll Royalty is ridiculous. Stardoll is practically separating our dolls into cliques;

    The Stardoll Royalty Members
    The Superstars
    The Non Superstars

    Stardoll has to know that this is a bad idea.

    “Members who have been notable for their activity and creativity”
    Some people have been on here and have been SS for years and were not invited. Does that mean they weren’t “creative” enough to be in the “royal” club of theirs?

    That’s messed up…

  3. Hi,
    I think it’s more than signing in everyday, probably hundreds of thousands of girls do that everyday.
    If you really want to be in Royalty I suggest you Contact Stardoll, because I cannot ask Stardoll Staff myself. =L.

  4. I too wish that there was more equality on Stardoll but they have to make their money somehow.
    But I don’t think so many people should idolise being a Diamond member, because nothing really happens and it’s not different from being Superstar in anyway at all.
    To be honest, it’s a bit of a nuisance. People think I’m so rich that I can afford to pay for myself and buy a code for them on the side – which isn’t the case.
    I think there’s lots of factors that contribute to becoming a Royalty member.
    Activity, How Long you have been on Stardoll and how active you’ve been online during those years and also, there must be a minimum amount of money you have paid towards Stardoll to join as well.
    I just seriously think Stardoll are glamorizing the club when in truth, it’s nothing special.
    Thank you for your comment, I’ve come up with a new post idea based around these classes/cliques ;).

  5. I’ve seen people who have been SS like every 2 months and they’ve been upgrading for more than a year yet haven’t been in SD royalty. I guess you have to buy the yearly package ?

  6. Jessesgirl72

    Well I’ve been a member since 2007, and I’ve been superstar a few times (currently am.) I’ve been pretty active (check my closet, lol.) I don’t have royalty or anything, I thought it was for people who have paid a year of ss but I guess not eh?

  7. Miss_Nikki88

    I have been a member for 2 and 1/2 years I have been superstars many times, I just don’t get it I have tried talking to the stardoll staff before but they never reply i am going to try again on behalf of us stardolls! BTW I Have Old HotBuys And DKNY For Bid In Room 5! Xx Miss_Nikki88

  8. gleek_girlx

    heey how can i become stardoll royalty x

  9. Hi,
    You either need buy a Year’s Superstar membership or be Superstar for over a year
    =) x

  10. my little sis is royalty on stardoll and she dosent get on every day i do shes not as popular as me i have more friends how did my 8 year old sis make royalty?

  11. i dont get this stadoll royalty is making promises that ppl that pay for a year for superstar memmber ship and get on everyday i get on everyday so thats stupid what is happening to stardoll these days whats the point of paying ?????????

  12. Im will be buying a superstar membership for one year within the next 2 days and i have been a member since 2008. do you think i have a chance for becomming stardoll royalty? i have contacted a staff member of stardoll yet she still never replied. also she has royalty but on her page it says she hasnt been on for 2 months. i think stardoll is overdoing it just alittle. btw visit me luvkein4ever!:)

  13. A

    I got a year membership and didnt get to be in stardoll rolaltly. Btw i am both webkingirl7 on stardoll.

  14. MadHatterAlice2

    when i found stardoll i fell in love with it, i joined in 2010 just barly missing the old stardoll unfortunatly. i bought a superstar membership not very long afterwards. a couple top ups later i was in Stardoll royalty club and i have no idea why. i think the whole thing is just spending a ton of money and getting a reward. but dont forget this dollies, on the club hompage on the picture it says: BETA right now: stardoll royalty only. so in the future it might change because BETA means that its a test version so dont give up ^.^

  15. Pandy

    You just need to spend a heap of money. I think you get it after spending around $100 on stuff on stardoll, basically. I payed for a years SS, then started refilling my stardollars heaps, then one day I was Royalty.

  16. I have been on stardoll for years!! They changed the year on my account because I’ve been on for too long 😛 I’ve been superstar for agess and I havent got anything!… CG, NCG, best design… nuthin!! so I think that I atleast desearve getting royalty!… it’s just messed upp’

  17. I topped up my Stardollars yesterday and I became Royalty. I’d only been Superstar for at max. 5 months so I was quite confused to see a little blue diamond beside my Medoll’s avatar ^-^ I think the reason I got Royalty is because I topped up my Stardollars on a frequent basis. I think it’s really sad that Stardoll only count people who “spend lots of money” on the site “Royalty”. Just because someone doesn’t spend money on a virtual site doesn’t mean they’re not creative. What triple bugs me about this whole Royalty thing is that when your Superstar membership has run out, you’re not longer Royalty?! “Oh their Superstar membership has run out..that’s their creativity down the drain” (that’s probably what Stardoll thinks :L) Doesn’t make much sense to me…

  18. @Amberzzz

    Sometimes accounts slip past the automatic system, so best to contact Stardoll.
    Ages? If ages counts as over 1 year of Superstar then yes, you should be a member of Royalty.

  19. @Naitsirhc_101

    Are you sure? I thought I’d only been Superstar for at least 500 days, when I contacted Stardoll it turned out it was 1004 days O.O
    Yeah I agree although it would be difficult for Stardoll to base members on creativity – it’s far too wide for their automatic system and I don’t think all their staff could look through each and every individual out of 17.5 million active members :L
    In reality, Royalty should really only be for members who have been loyal to Stardoll – being active for at least a year or two but that’s from my point of view.

  20. Hmm.. yes, I’m nearly positive. It definitely wasn’t Superstar for over a year ’cause I only made this account in May 2010, and I took a really long break from June to December. I think it’s really confusing. I’d say it’s if you spend a certain amount of money buying Superstar or Stardollars ie. £50 or £100. Unless Stardoll actually thought I was being creative by stumbling across my page, somehow I don’t think so though :L

    I do agree with you though, it’s not based on creativity alone. I think they just say that to make themselves look good ^_^

  21. haaii(: i bet you wont believe this i think its 4 years now i have been on stardoll and for the past years i go on atleast everyday i have been a superstar for a year and guess what nothing! I have only got a month left!

  22. @Ruby

    Contact Stardoll. Accounts have tendency to slip past through the automatic system.

  23. HEY PPL know im in stardoll since 2011 😦 but i was in 2010 i was ahcked so i most opnen ned one :((( in this ned account ever when my membership of SS ends i pay another … i really want to entter stardoll royality 🙂 but i think thhat stardoll ants that we pay stardoll ss one year long 😦 to enter this club of staroll royality ut between ss and royality isn’t a big difernece just 3 Things:
    A Club
    Diamond on the frame of the name
    They don’t have to pay !
    but i think tis isn’t fair
    they don’t have to pay for can buy all on starbaazar,desgin,and they have more things just like ss but the biggest nfair is das we have to pay and royals not ! a really want to be one but……my mom saids i can be a ss
    so time i wan t

  24. AliceIzzy454

    Debora, I may not be Royalty but I know one thing: They DO have to pay like everyone else!

  25. Anonymous

    Okay alot of people are being stupid….. They obviously don’t realise that you have to be superstar for 365 days… And then they are like “but I’ve upgraded alot, doesn’t that mean I should be royalty?” Well obviously you haven’t upgraded enough for it to add up. It has to add up to a year, you don’t have to get the year pack…… I would know that, I never got the year pack in my 4 years on stardoll, yet I just got royalty today. It’s not rocket science….

  26. come on stardoll u got to make stardoll roalty banned

  27. LOL

    i have 371 days of superstar shouldnt i get my royalty.

  28. Anonymous

    well, do you know the way when your superstar, it says on the page: 365 days lleft until royalty.
    well this means that you need to be superstar for up to a year all together. in buuts it doesnt matter but as long as you have been for a year in total.
    Hope this helped 🙂

    im not sure whether you have to keep paying for royalty but this is all i have so far 🙂

  29. mbhgy

    Hiya :/ im confused HELPP…..
    Right firstly, it says next to how many days left in my ss membership 5 more days needed until royalty does that mean i have to add 5 days to my membership to become royalty??

  30. Jess

    I have been a superstar a few times but I can only afford doing it for a month on my mobile. I am practically on stardoll all day and I do loads but I just want to have more range on stardoll where I have enough money to buy cool things on there and get more money. Would I possibly get it if I still just pay for one month on my mobile?

  31. @mbhgy

    Yes. Next time you purchase membership then you will become a Royalty member.

  32. @Jess

    Yes, it’s perfectly fine. I never buy the 3 month packages, I always purchase the 1 month set on my phone. I did that for a while and once you rack up 365 days then you’ll be a part of the club.