2 Year Youtube Anniversary!

Yes I know I promised a video, I finished editing it but sadly I couldn’t post in the recording of me playing the piano because it would need another 7 hours of Publishing and I’m not going to wait that long. Unfortunately my mobile broadband internet (No it is not for my mobile phone) is being super slow today, Youtube upload has been loading for a total of 5 minutes:

So I guess I have to wait until I get home to upload the video, I’m really sorry so just blame o2 – Mobile Network Company.  I’m not sure if I am going to make a post about Youtube on this blog because that would be somehow weird, plus I’m mentioning it in my 4 years on Stardoll post so I may as well not bother.

I finally finished my 4 years on Stardoll post:


I haven’t added any pictures or videos but I will do so later.

I apologise if I left my posting until quite late tonight, I had to some homework and revision, school always comes first before Stardoll.

I will start uploading the first competition entry on Friday/Saturday and I still need to work on my Northern Lights tutorial and also revise for my Chemistry Prelim. Gosh I’ve got a lot of work to do.





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3 responses to “2 Year Youtube Anniversary!

  1. That’s OK. ATM my internet is ALL messed up.
    My provider changed our plan without telling us and the internet keeps connecting and disconnecting D:

  2. My Internet is always jacked up. One minute it’s working, and the next it isn’t.

    Why can’t the companies get it right?

  3. Ugh I know BT (My internet provider) has had lots of disconnections lately and it was down for 2 days. So annoying -.-

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