Stardoll Black Friday Gift-o-Meter

Thank you Stardoll for the ultimate rip-off. We need to spend $500 Stardollars to receive 12 average looking gifts? I only like gifts 10 and 12, trust Stardoll to put the nicest clothes at the top. I wonder why they used the Limited Edition Interior?

To be honest I think Stardoll is using Black Friday as an excuse to grab our virtual pennies. I wouldn’t mind if the majority of the clothes/accessories actually looked decent.





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8 responses to “Stardoll Black Friday Gift-o-Meter

  1. They used the Limited Edition Interior Because… Black friday is only one day and limited edition is like also the same basicly so yea do you get it?

  2. Thanks for the advice! I thought that 12 would be AMAZING but man these gifts suck! I’m at 7 and I don’t know if I want to go any higher…

  3. reneeangel1012

    I never started,because it’s a ultimate rip-off.Hmm…suprising how they did this AFTER LE.We spent enough on that…. Wow stardoll.Wow -_-

  4. BeckyPecky

    I got to 8.
    I only liked 1O, 7, 4 && 3.

  5. Nodlez

    hey i bet they are going to make us spend all of our money on getting these clothes then they will like have a huge event and no one will have any money left. thats what they always do 😦

  6. I bought some stuff from LE and the other world shop before I knew about the black friday meter, and I saw the gifts in my suite and went all FUUUUUUUUU.
    I didn’t like the gifts much, though.

  7. I don’t really like them all to much tbh.

  8. Lovelyladie143 - Livvy

    They are all pretty ugly. What is the point? I spent 20 stardollars and only got two gifts! It’s stupid. I only liked the 1st, 3rd and 10th.