New Stardoll Game- KaBloom

To play the game:

Stardoll has released the new game Kabloom and surprisingly enough it’s actually entertaining. All you have to do in connect jewels then get your tiny wee fellow to eat them all up.

That’s all I really have to say about this game, I’ve got 68500 points so far but it gets pretty tiring after a few levels.





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3 responses to “New Stardoll Game- KaBloom

  1. Hey, do you know how I can put my stardoll on my blog; I remember that in the old stardoll layout on the left there used to be a box that said “Put your stardoll on other websites” and now since the New Makeover there isn’t, i think? Can you please help me, thanks 😀

  2. I shall try out that game 😉

  3. Oh what score did you get? ^-^. I gave up halfway through lol.

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